taking picture of strangers... ask for permission?

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by chibitul, Oct 6, 2003.

  1. chibitul

    Mxsmanic Guest

    Well, 14,000 people died here when the temperature moved away from the
    mean by 30° F. It's hard to exaggerate with numbers like that.
    Mxsmanic, Oct 12, 2003
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  2. Boy, that's for sure.....Whenever I watch these crime specials on Discovery
    channel, and they show the 7/11 store tape of the criminals in action, I get
    a good laugh....I wonder why anyone would go to all that trouble to instsall
    a CCTV system, and use such crappy equipment that it is impossible to
    identify anyone with the resulting picture..... You can barely tell that a
    crime is being committed, much less who is doing it.......
    William Graham, Oct 12, 2003
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  3. chibitul

    Mxsmanic Guest

    I think the problem is that you need a lot of bandwidth and storage
    space to store good-quality video, and since it is so unlikely that
    you'll ever have a use for the recordings, it's difficult to justify the
    expense of keeping them in a form that provides high-quality images.
    Mxsmanic, Oct 12, 2003
  4. chibitul

    Ric Trexell Guest

    The problem is not the equipment many times, it is that stores reuse the
    same film over and over. Three or four times is probably the most it should
    be used but some places just use it till it breaks or they have a break in.
    By then it is so filled with white outs it is worthless. Ric in Wisconsin.
    Ric Trexell, Oct 12, 2003
  5. My daughter has a device attached to her sattellight TV system called,
    "TEVO", or something like that....This consists of a digital recorder that
    can store up to two or three hours of video. When installed, she can pause a
    program, leave for some time, and then come back to the TV and pick it up
    where she left off....Once she does this, she can "fast foward" thru the
    commercials and jump back and forth in time to repeat whatever part of the
    program material she missed, or wants to see again....It is much more
    convenient than a VCR, and it sells at a reasonable price......
    William Graham, Oct 12, 2003
  6. Yes....This is why I would use one of these new digital recorders called,
    William Graham, Oct 12, 2003
  7. chibitul

    Ron Hunter Guest

    It is called a Personal Video Recorder, and versions currently record
    from 35 to 120 hours of video. TiVo is the name for the service that
    makes it possible for the unit to know what is on, and when, and to
    exercise some intelligence on what is to record. If it sees that you
    recorded CSI for a couple of weeks, then it just starts always recording
    it for you unless you tell it to stop. It allows commercial skipping,
    pause of 'live' shows, and instant replay of live shows. Most units
    will allow watching one show while recording another. Cost is in the
    $350 to $800 range. The TiVO service is paid monthly.
    Ron Hunter, Oct 12, 2003
  8. chibitul

    JPS Guest

    In message <>,
    If it's a hybrid camera, though, it can take one high-res frame every
    couple of seconds with lots of JPG compression, or even stream digital
    video and keep only the last ten minutes, unless someone hits a button
    that causes a permanent dump of the last ten minutes. You don't have to
    store 24/7 in high quality to benefit from it.
    JPS, Oct 12, 2003
  9. chibitul

    JPS Guest

    In message <%l5ib.264852$>,
    Any computer with video capture can do that, too.
    JPS, Oct 12, 2003
  10. Yes....That's why I think that a digital storage system, like they use in
    the TiVo system is the answer.....You wouldn't have a tape to wear out like
    you do in a VCR, and the quality of the picture would only be limited by the
    quality of your TV camera.....
    William Graham, Oct 12, 2003
  11. Bandwidth?? Get real.
    I don't think fresh $1.00 vhs blanks are going to break the bank. Quality is
    bad because store owners install worthless equipment. They save on insurance
    premiums for having a system. In name only.
    mark_digital©, Oct 13, 2003
  12. TiVo's recording time is finite. It's picture quality on extended play is
    comparable to VCD, which most of us know is worst than VHS. Also take into
    account multiple security cameras need separate recording devices. An
    expensive proposition.
    mark_digital©, Oct 13, 2003
  13. Those systems probably start out reasonably good in quality, but deteriorate
    over time through neglect...The insurance companies should require regular
    inspections/preventive maintenance before they renew the policies......
    William Graham, Oct 13, 2003
  14. True, but most robberies occur in small mom & pa stores that just have one
    camera..... Big outfits like casinos can afford to maintain huge expensive
    systems.....I saw one TV special on gambling, and the casino had a large
    room filled with VCR's running round the clock with their own maintenance
    crew to keep them going....I just hate to see money wasted by doing things
    half way....Like the credits at the end of TV movies....They go by so fast
    that you can't read them....So what's the point? - They should use the time
    for something worth while, and maybe run the credits through once every ten
    showings, and do it slowly enough so they can be read.........I get a laugh
    at the drug ads too....They spend twice as much time telling you all the bad
    side effects than they do telling you what the drug is for......So why have
    the commercial at all? The cigarette companies run a, "commercial" today,
    and they spend the whole minute telling you how sick you are going to get if
    you smoke their cigarettes.......Who would pay for such a thing? - Sometimes
    I think the rest of the world is crazy........
    William Graham, Oct 13, 2003
  15. I sat in on a video presented in court. It was made inside a police station.
    It's video and audio quality was so bad, even with multiple playbacks it was
    hard to tell who and what the assailant was saying.
    I probably saw the same casino special as you did. The quality was
    comparably outstanding. And when you think about it, it's amazing because
    we're watching from inside our home at least a third generation dub
    mastered with equipment not too much different than off-the shelf.
    mark_digital©, Oct 13, 2003
  16. Yeah.....I can't see TV using tape much longer.....With hundred gigabyte
    hard drives so cheap, they have to go digital very soon....They can burn the
    stuff onto CD's for archival purposes.....The handwriting is on the
    William Graham, Oct 13, 2003
  17. chibitul

    Alan Browne Guest

    Most television programs (sitcoms/dramas) are filmed, not taped. And
    this leads to film -> digital conversion at a quality level much higher
    than tape. Most news shows (I assume) are taped.

    Alan Browne, Oct 13, 2003
  18. chibitul

    Alan Browne Guest

    I'd go a lot more than 10 minutes, as in the immediate aftermath of
    something dramatic, people's wits are not about them. If it was a 4
    frames per second, at 50Kbytes per frame (and prolly a lot less), one
    could easilly get 1.5 hours into a little over 1 GB of storage. Could
    be 100% solid state.

    Alan Browne, Oct 13, 2003
  19. chibitul

    Lionel Guest

    Word has it that on 10 Oct 2003 20:58:14 GMT, in this august forum,
    Yeah, I think the jury's still out on that one. My pet hypothesis is
    that he's some sort of experimental AI program that's horribly buggy.
    Lionel, Oct 16, 2003
  20. chibitul

    George Kerby Guest

    That HAS to be "Artificial Insemination", not "Artificial Intelligence",
    George Kerby, Oct 16, 2003
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