Taking an XP exam on a comptuter that does'nt have the min memory requirements

Discussion in 'Microsoft Certification' started by Barry Strider, Sep 9, 2003.

  1. Recently on 9/6/03, I took the WORD 2002 core exam.
    After entering registration information, prior to starting
    the exam, an error message popped up stating, "Your system
    has 112MB of memory, 256MB of memory is required."

    The person administering the exam IGNORED the message,
    clicked OK and told me the exam had started and left the
    room. Throughout the exam, I experienced erratic
    behavior, sluggishness and non-responsiveness from the
    system whenever I attempted to answer the questions.

    Moreover, the administer of the exam had difficulty
    installing the XP exam software and getting it to work on
    an extremely old computer. In fact, I spent 2 days prior
    to taking the exam, sitting at the site, waiting for them
    to get the software to run. When I was finally called upon
    to take the exam I was told that this was their first time
    seeing/using the WORD 2002 exam software.

    Although, I feel 100% confident in using XP, I failed with
    an extremely low score, which I beleive, was the direct
    result of the outlandish software behavoir!

    When questioned the exam administers about the error
    mesage and the bizzare software behavoir, their response
    was non-chalant.

    In view of the above, does taking the exam on a computer
    that DO NOT meet the minimum memory requirements directly
    effect my scoring?

    More importantly, I do not want to waste money taking
    future exams at a site where the results may be
    Barry Strider, Sep 9, 2003
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  2. Barry Strider

    Somchai U. Guest

    You should post the name of test center here, and complain toward Microsoft
    and (VUE or Prometric HQ).

    Somchai U., Sep 9, 2003
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