Take The Most Clear, Breathtaking, Majestic and Powerful Landscape Photos

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by wbawyifwqdcs, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. wbawyifwqdcs

    wbawyifwqdcs Guest

    Getting beautiful landscape photos is not as hard as you would think
    actually. Sadly when the secrets of landscape photography are not
    applied, your landscape shots can be so very disappointing. Too often a
    beautiful landscape, in real life looks so stunning, so breathtaking
    that we just point, shoot, get home to look at the photos and and
    ......oh. We end up with an annoying and disappointing flat landscape
    shot with no depth or detail as we saw it when we were standing there
    in person.
    That big, open, majestic feel has completely gone. So why is this?
    Well you see my friend; photographing landscapes and making them look
    like they do in real life takes a few simple things.
    When I say 'a few simple things' I really mean it. You can actually
    make your landscape photos turn out the way you want them to.
    You don't need a whiz bang 'does-everything-but-make-you-coffee' SLR
    digital camera to get superb landscape photos.
    Bringing out beautiful natural colours. Rich greens of grass, vibrant
    blues of the sky, lively oranges of a sunset, warm browns of rock and
    earth and stunning purples and pinks of summer sunset skies.
    Change the disappointing 'flat line' syndrome into a landscape that has
    depth, real distance and vastness.
    Makes beautiful silhouettes and it is to create the ultimate
    silhouetted landscape photo.
    Add depth and scale working with a clever foreground.
    Improve the composition of your landscape photo.
    One single element is to creating awesome and inspiring landscape
    Certain lighting can completely ruin your landscape.
    Clouds can dramatically improve your landscape photograph.
    wbawyifwqdcs, Jul 2, 2006
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