System restore will no longer restore

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Larry Hale, Mar 15, 2006.

  1. Larry Hale

    Larry Hale Guest

    I tried 5 restore points and none would restore my pc.
    What could be the problem? Why use system restore at all if it has this
    I am running Windows xp SP2 and I just had the hard drive reformatted so
    there is not too much junk to prevent a restore.
    It takes too long to try system restore over and over with no success.
    Is there some good software program they can replace System Restore and is
    just as good or better?
    Thank you.
    Larry Hale, Mar 15, 2006
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  2. Larry Hale

    clot Guest

    Having Acronis True Image and two HDDs with weekly back-up serves me
    clot, Mar 16, 2006
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  3. Larry Hale

    Ron Martell Guest

    Usually the only way to "fix" System Restore is to shut it off, reboot
    the computer, and then turn it back on again. This wipes out all
    previous restore points.

    If you are concerned about the usability of System Restore you should
    periodically do a test of it. This test is quite simple:

    1. Create a new desktop shortcut of any kind.
    2. Create a new manual System Restore point.
    3. Delete the shortcut you created in step 1.
    4. Use System Restore and choose the restore point you created in
    step 2. The deleted shortcut should reappear.

    Note that System Restore protects only the "System State" (registry
    etc.) and the protected operating system files. User data files
    (documents, emails, music, etc.) are not protected and neither are
    installed application programs.

    For more detailed information about System Restore see MVP Bert
    Kinney's System Restore pages:

    Good luck

    Ron Martell Duncan B.C. Canada
    Microsoft MVP (1997 - 2006)
    On-Line Help Computer Service

    "Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference
    has never been in bed with a mosquito."
    Ron Martell, Mar 16, 2006
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