Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Mo F, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Mo F

    Mo F Guest

    My system restore points do not work anymore. I have tried many time
    selecting different points but each time after it completes and reboots I
    get a notice saying the restore point could not be loaded (or somesuch to
    that effect).

    Any ideas what to look for?

    Mo F <>
    S. Bucks. UK
    Mo F, Nov 12, 2007
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  2. Mo F

    Evan Platt Guest

    The precise message would help.
    Evan Platt, Nov 12, 2007
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  3. Mo F

    why? Guest

    Assuming Windows XP, you didn't say but perhaps it was more important to
    include - S. Bucks. UK, which is less useful then knowing the OS.
    Old posts in 24HSHD about restore points.

    Really depends if you need to go back or can accept clearing out all
    restore points and not be able to restore.

    Try some of the posts found in this search
    you will find MS links, MS MVP site links.

    Hopefully posting your email address (From: and in post) doesn't increae
    the amount of spam. Then again maybe that's fine with you. See 1 or all
    of -

    why?, Nov 12, 2007
  4. Mo F

    ded Guest

    I've heard of a similar problem when using those dubious "registry cleaners"
    whereby the restore points are listed but "unavailable". Do you use
    like regcleaner or registry mechanic? Or it could be a corrupt user profile?
    Anyway, follow this article to access the System volume folder,
    Choose the directions for your OS, once you have accessed the folder
    the restore points, follow the instructions to grant your profile (which you
    logged on with) user rights. Once completed, reboot and then check if
    points function.
    If that dosen't work and you were indeed using a registry cleaner or you
    used a back up to restore a corrupt registry, a new folder was created,
    follow this procedure to copy the restore points from the original folder
    across to the new folder. It's complex.
    ded, Nov 13, 2007
  5. Mo F

    Mo F Guest

    Thanks to those who responed in a positive manner, especially DED. It does
    look complex but I shall be following those articles to see if it resolves
    my problem which, as you suggest, might well be because of registry cleaning
    but then how else does one get rid of all the accumulated rubbish there,
    especially viral, spyware and malware?

    Another thing is that I have no idea how to hide/falsify my email address
    (e.g. the way you have) when posting to newsgroups without it affecting my
    genuine addresses for other messaging.

    Mo F, Nov 13, 2007
  6. Mo F

    ded Guest

    On a windows machine you need uptodate antivirus and
    firefall software.
    (Don't rely on Windows Firewall, it being very basic and
    only "one way" - it only scans incoming, if your PC has
    infections "phoning" out, - Win FW cannot detect outgoing)
    If you have doubts about your AV and FW, post back and you'll
    get plenty of recommendations for the best freeware etc.

    Also install Ad and spyware tools.
    Freeware reviews, downloads:

    Spybot search and destroy

    Spyware terminator


    All of the above are free, on the site
    set the filter to "all licenses" to read of all malware
    removal tools.

    Don't bother with registry cleaners, good antivirus
    and firewall software and the above free tools will
    do all that is required.
    If you have downloaded a tool that appeared via
    a pop-up, claiming it had detected whatever - that
    was spyware and probably the cause of your problems.

    You're using OE.
    Click: Tools>Accounts
    Click on "News" tab
    Listed will be your virginmedia NNTP server
    Click on it once so as to highlight it
    Then click the "Properties" button

    In the ensuing dialog just alter the email details
    so as anyone in newgroups know what to remove to
    use your email address - as in the example above.
    Click "Apply" then "OK" buttons.
    This only affects newgroups postings, it has no effect
    on your email accounts configured into OE.
    ded, Nov 13, 2007
  7. Mo F

    why? Guest

    For myself I wouldn't try to recover the old restore points, just wipe
    what's there and start fresh.
    Usually a reinstall, makes a lot of difference. Clearing out colledted
    clutter isn't easy and most registry cleaners seem over the years to
    cause problems.
    See the notes at VM, posted a few times and can be found by searching
    or directly
    Newsgroups Userguide
    How To Avoid SPAM On Newsgroups

    A bit old, OE5 but the basic steps on how to change the newgroup
    settings still apply

    why?, Nov 13, 2007
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