System Maintenance: Best progression

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by rfdjr1, Feb 17, 2007.

  1. rfdjr1

    rfdjr1 Guest

    I regularly run maintenance on my system. Spybot, Adaware, registry cleaner,
    virus scan, defrag, etc. I got to wondering if there's a sequence to running
    these that is better than just doing it in random order? Also, what else could I
    be running to tune up the system? Thanks. Windows XP Pro. is my O/S.
    rfdjr1, Feb 17, 2007
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  2. rfdjr1

    Pennywise Guest

    Faster system with less trash?

    Turn off services you don't need

    As for the order of cleaning your system, defrag last.

    Change your TEMP and TMP directories to C:\temp so it's easier to get
    to and clean out.

    Personally I run a RAM drive (old habit from the AmigA) I do all my work there (zips, downloaded
    movies, whatever) it's all deleted when I reboot my computer.
    Of course I move it if it's a keeper.

    Tune up also requires a reliable recovery program that's what ERUNT is
    for you can use it
    as a back up to restore or turn off the restore feature and just use
    ERUNT - also NTREGOPT compresses your reg files.

    Also use TeaTimer that comes with Spybot or regprotect
    lets you decide what is written to the registry and a first defense
    against malware.
    Pennywise, Feb 17, 2007
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  3. rfdjr1

    ellis_jay Guest

    I don't see the post you are replying to. All I see is the Re:
    But if you don't mind I would offer my leventy-two cents worth here, aight?
    Right on.

    I use Crapcleaner, or Ccleaner as it is known.
    I pretty much leave the computer on 24-7.
    That's one way.
    Yes. Teatimer. I also use regprot from Diamonds in the background, also.
    And, btw, in conjunction with winpatrol's pop up of allowing or disallowing
    a program to be installed or to be a start up item.

    While in practice I do the following things pretty much in this order:

    * Outlook Express6 for winxp delete headers and messages in newsgroups
    * Outlook Express6 compact folders

    * view cookies in Winpatrol and delete them**
    * run MRUblaster

    * run Spybot S&D, first checking for updates, then running the program

    * run Adaware from Lavasoftusa

    * run CrapCleaner

    * defrag.

    Of course, a tweak or two now and then is normal-maybe a trojan or online
    virus scan or two just to check my default programs I use for sessions.


    When people are engaged in something they are not proud of, they do
    not welcome witnesses. In fact, they come to believe the witness causes
    the trouble. ___John Steinbeck

    ellis_jay, Feb 17, 2007
  4. rfdjr1

    Ron Martell Guest


    That can seriously drag down the overall performance of your computer.
    Whatever RAM is tied up in the RAM drive is unavailable to Windows for
    use by application programs, data files, etc. And if the files in the
    RAM drive are in active use then Windows will also have these files
    cached in RAM, so in effect they will be in RAM twice.

    Unless you have a vastly excessive amount of RAM (say 3 gb on a
    Windows XP Machine that is only used for web surfing and emails) I
    would not recommend this practice. An easier way of accomplishing
    the same end result is to create a batch file that runs at shutdown to
    clean out the TEMP/TMP folders.

    Good luck
    Ron Martell Duncan B.C. Canada
    Microsoft MVP (1997 - 2006)
    On-Line Help Computer Service
    Syberfix Remote Computer Repair

    "Anyone who thinks that they are too small to make a difference
    has never been in bed with a mosquito."
    Ron Martell, Feb 17, 2007
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