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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guest, Jan 6, 2006.

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    I am new and I hope I chose the right forum. I have been looking on the net
    and in the manuals, and could not find anything useful, so now I hope some of
    you can help me.
    Any suggestion is appreciated, for posting in other forums or for resources
    already available on the net.

    I recently bought an Ipaq running Pocket PC. I syncronized it with my laptop
    using the USB cable and, after a few trials I managed to copy my Outlook data
    into the Ipaq.
    Today I did it again and noticed that the info I recorded in the Ipaq's
    calendar for the past couple of days went lost, while the info I recorded on
    Monday is still in the Ipaq and not on the laptop.
    This does not make sense: I set it up to leave conflicts unresolved,
    thinking that if it found conflicts during sync, it would have asked me what
    to keep. But it did not happen.
    If I made a mistake somewhere and set it up to always copy the laptop data
    into the Ipaq, why didn't it erase Monday's stuff (which is not in the
    laptop's Outlook) as well?

    I have checked the set up and cannot find anything wrong. I must be
    overlooking something.

    Can you tell me what I should check?

    Also, where did the appointments which were erased from my Ipaq go? Is there
    a Recycle bin in the Pocket PC of the Ipaq? Can I restore that info?

    Thank you!
    Guest, Jan 6, 2006
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