Sybex and MS books for 291

Discussion in 'MCSE' started by Pine, Feb 13, 2004.

  1. Pine

    Pine Guest


    I have bought the Exam Cram2 book for 70-290. And would like to know is
    it enough if I used the book with Win2K3 server installed at my home PC?

    And I also would like to know whether which 70-291 books are better
    between Sybex and MS press? I have bought ExamCram for 290 which is a
    review style book. So, I guess I should buy more in-depth book for 291.

    Which one (Sybex or MS) book on 291 explains more in-depth of 70-291 and
    which one is more approachable (and not make me fall asleep while

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pine, Feb 13, 2004
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  2. Look for the exam topics covered in the book and once you've completed
    your study check the topics at

    and then I suggest if you want to make *absolutely* certain that you
    read .
    drilling down on topics (Dont be put off, the new style is very
    readable indeed)

    70-291 is not the worst exam in the 2003 track for drilling down into
    the deployment guide but if you wanrt to score high you could do a lot
    worse than "over-learn".

    Good luck

    PS you could even spend the 90 quid on the deployment guide and use it
    on the other 4/5 core exams

    My Hero:
    (remove vroomfondle to email me)
    Marlin Munrow (The PFY), Feb 13, 2004
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