Switching from Plusnet to John Lewis?

Discussion in 'Broadband' started by Roger Mills, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Roger Mills

    Roger Mills Guest

    Then telephone line and broadband service at my holiday flat are both
    currently supplied by Plusnet. I currently have quite a good deal with
    their Plusnet Essentials service, but am coming to the end of a one year
    contract which gives me a monthly discount and throws in free evening
    and weekend calls. 'Essentials' has a monthly download limit of 10GB -
    which is plenty for me because I'm usually only at the flat for a few
    days each month.

    I have yet to find out what will happen when the current contract comes
    to an end in early December. At best, I may be able to hang onto the
    Essentials service - but at the full, non-disounted, price and -
    hopefully keep the free evening and weekend calls. Even that isn't too
    good a deal because I'm on a Market 1 exchange - and, as a result, PN
    charge me a lot more for my internet connection than they would were I
    on a Market 2/3 exchange.

    At worst - since Essentials is no longer offered - they may try to force
    me onto their Unlimited service, in which case evening and weekend calls
    would almost certainly not be free, but would be charged at £3 per month.

    I had always assumed that all ISPs charged more to customers on Market 1
    exchanges, but it is apparently not the case. One which charges the same
    wherever you live is John Lewis Internet which - according to my spies -
    is provided by Plusnet! Their line rental (£13.50) is quite a lot less
    than Plusnet's *and* includes free evening and weekend calls *and* free
    caller display - for which PN charges 99p per month. Their standard (up
    to 17M - but my exchange only supports 8M) internet service costs £11
    per month (and is free for the first 6 months) and has a download limit
    of 20GB per month (twice what I currently have).

    So, although I haven't yet spoken to PN's "I'm thinking of leaving"
    department to see what they will offer me, it seems unlikely that it
    will be better than the John Lewis offering.

    Which brings me a to few questions which I would like to ask of anyone
    familiar with the John Lewis service . . .

    1. Does anyone know of any just cause or impediment which would make
    switching to John Lewis a bad idea?

    2. If I do go that way, will I be still able to make daytime calls via
    indirect operators such as 1899 etc., like I do at the moment?

    3. I currently maintain a couple of websites hosted on free PN legacy
    accounts, and can only write to their webspace when physically connected
    to the internet via PN. Since PN apparently provide the John Lewis
    service, would I still be able to do this? [That's not a show-stopper
    because I'll still be using PN at my main home, but it would be useful
    to continue to do it from the flat, as well].

    4. Does John Lewis have a Line Rental Saver option? I can't find any
    reference to it on their website.
    Please reply to Newsgroup. Whilst email address is valid, it is seldom
    Roger Mills, Nov 16, 2015
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  2. Roger Mills

    Andy Burns Guest

    Isn't JL broadband outsourced to PN anyway?
    Andy Burns, Nov 16, 2015
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  3. Roger Mills

    Roger Mills Guest

    I believe so. I don't think that makes it an invalid question though,
    because the service offerings and pricing are not the same, and other
    things may be different. I don't know, for example, whether PN and JL
    share the same UK-based support team.

    In other threads, some people do seem to have had problems with JL - but
    they may have been customers of the earlier Waitrose service which
    appears to have transitioned to JL.
    Please reply to Newsgroup. Whilst email address is valid, it is seldom
    Roger Mills, Nov 16, 2015
  4. Answered over on p.s.customer-feedback, however for the benefit of this

    Depends what you want out of your connection. Newer features like TV
    etc. are less likely to make their way to John Lewis (if at all).

    It's less fully featured, but the core connectivity is pretty much the same.

    To be honest, I strongly suspect our Retentions Team will be able to do
    something to placate you.
    Plusnet Support Team, Nov 17, 2015
  5. Roger Mills

    Roger Mills Guest

    It's for my holiday flat. I'm not interested in internet TV, and only
    have a download speed of about 6M only. [Although my exchange now
    supports FTTC, I don't have a cabinet because my connection is straight
    into the exchange, and ADSL is still on 20CN!]
    They might - if they can find a way of charging Market 2/3 prices rather
    than Market 1
    Thanks - and also for answering the shorter version of this post on
    Please reply to Newsgroup. Whilst email address is valid, it is seldom
    Roger Mills, Nov 17, 2015
  6. I ordered a Post Office service for a holiday property connected to a
    Market 1 exchange. It may suffer a bit from contention in the summer.

    Plusnet had a free (IIRC) special offer. The problem was the price would
    sky rocket at the end of the contract and changing suppliers requires
    you to be present to reconfigure the router.
    Michael Chare, Nov 21, 2015
  7. Roger Mills

    David Hume Guest

    I had a look on their website and I couldn't see anything which told me
    what happens when that 20GB is reached. Does it stop working altogether?

    I don't know what the normal practice is. Some charge extra. Mine
    restricts me to 256K, which with all the javascript these days is like
    being on a dial-up modem.
    David Hume, Nov 21, 2015
  8. Roger Mills

    Roger Mills Guest

    I don't know - but it's academic in my case. I rarely get anywhere near
    the current 10GB limit.
    Please reply to Newsgroup. Whilst email address is valid, it is seldom
    Roger Mills, Nov 22, 2015
  9. Roger Mills

    Roger Mills Guest

    You weren't wrong, Bob! They said that they can no longer offer Plusnet
    Essentials and - instead - are giving me Plusnet Unlimited on a 12-month
    contract COMPLETELY FREE - including evening and weekend calls. All I
    have to pay for is the line rental plus 99p per month for Caller Display
    (plus chargeable calls - but I never make any). John Lewis' offer is not
    as good as that, even with its lower line rental and free internet for 6

    So the can has been kicked down the road by 12 months. It will be
    interesting to see what rabbits the Retentions Team will pull out of the
    hat this time next year. Can't somehow see them providing me with free
    internet on a Market 1 exchange for ever!
    Please reply to Newsgroup. Whilst email address is valid, it is seldom
    Roger Mills, Nov 25, 2015
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