Switching from Mozilla to FireFox without loosing my stored cookies and passwords

Discussion in 'Firefox' started by Daniel Prince, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. I want to switch from Mozilla to FireFox but I do not want to lose
    my stored cookies and passwords. Is this possible? If it is, how
    do I do it? Thank you in advance for all replies.
    Daniel Prince, Dec 11, 2004
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  2. When you install Firefox for the first time, it should offer to transfer
    bookmarks and settings from the Mozilla profile. I think cookies are
    among the transferred items. Give it a try. If the needed cookies are
    not transfered over, I can walk you though copying them manually easily
    enough. Just don't uninstall Mozilla yet, and don't delete the Mozilla

    Leonidas Jones, Dec 11, 2004
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