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    Switch Config offering complete rent/sale voip solution with quality server for your Voip Business.


    VoIP Termination
    Wholesale VoIP
    PC2Phone Platform
    Calling Cards Platform
    Softphones VPN/Tunnel ( Customized Skins )
    DID and DID's Managment with intigration of ( Voxbone.com, DIDx.org and Local DIDs )
    Web/ANI/DID/SMS Callback solutions
    Portal (Builtin all the end user Modules)
    Online Shop
    Online Shop intigrated with verious type of Payment gateway ( Paypal, Saferpay, authorize.net, Money Broker etc..)
    Invoice Generator
    VOIP Tunnel
    IVR Box
    Web Based Real Time CDR.
    VSR and VSC Modules. ( 3 Level Reseller Programme )
    CRM (customer Relation Managment)
    VSM (voipswitch Manager)
    SIP/H323 Translation

    For More Information And Technical Support Please Contact Us.

    Sales / MSN Chat: [email protected]

    Yahoo : [email protected]
    Gmail : [email protected]

    WebSite: www.switchconfig.com :: VoipSwitch Solution Provider

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    switchvaishak, Apr 6, 2011
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