Swissbit 512MB Minitwist USB Drive *Exclusive* @ ThinkComput

Discussion in 'Front Page News' started by Silverstrand, Oct 3, 2005.

  1. Silverstrand


    Jun 20, 2005
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    Quote: “When you hear the name Victronix, you think of Swiss Army Knives, after all that is who makes the Original Swiss Army Knife. Did you know that Victronix also has a subsidiary called Swissbit that makes computer memory and memory related products? Today I have the first of two reviews involving Victronix/Swissbit products. Today I will be reviewing the Minitwist, a new tiny USB drive, which has quite a few features actually. Most USB drives are just that, you put data on them and go, they arrive to you normally empty, and you have to put software on them, not the Minitwist. You're going to have to keep reading to see what cool software comes with it!”
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    Silverstrand, Oct 3, 2005
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