Sweden's File Sharing Debate Becomes Mass Brawl

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Imhotep, Oct 21, 2005.

  1. Imhotep

    Imhotep Guest

    "praps writes "When Sweden's Data board gave the film and games industry
    organisation Antipiratbyrån an exemption from data protection laws last
    week it seemed that file sharers were on the ropes. Then the music industry
    joined in with some punches of its own, saying it too will hunt those who
    share songs online. Suddenly, file sharers have the support of their ISPs,
    who are refusing to cooperate with the big industries - and it's game on."
    From the article: "Only the file sharer's ISP can link the IP address to
    the person. If the ISP receives a request for such information from the
    police, they cannot refuse it, but a few calls from TT revealed that
    requests from APB would be ignored." We've previously reported on Swedish
    anti-downloading laws before."

    Imhotep, Oct 21, 2005
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