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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Harvey Van Sickle, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. Just curious.

    I've upgraded this week -- under some duress, as my old, long-overdue-
    to-be-replaced Pentium 233 was fried three days ago -- to an Athlon
    2000 machine that I've built with a bit of help.

    I've been on a cable modem for a couple of years now and have a pretty
    good feel for how fast pages take to load, but I've noticed this
    evening that page rendering is *way* faster: the pages don't load,
    they just appear.

    Has this massive increase in processor speed -- 233 to 2000 is a big
    jump -- impacted on page rendering and such-like?

    The other possibility is that I've switched from on-board graphics to a
    graphics card (a basic one: I don't do games, and only went for a card
    because the recommended motherboard didn't have an on-board chip).

    I've never seen processors and graphics cards mentioned when people
    talk about speed of web surfing -- they tend just to mention the
    download speed of the servie (which in my case hasn't changed: it was
    600KB/sec, and remains there).

    Anybody know if this -- very noticeable -- increase in speed is likely
    down to the processor, or to the use of a graphics card? (Like I say -
    - just curious....)
    Harvey Van Sickle, Jul 5, 2003
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  2. Harvey Van Sickle

    boy wonder Guest

    Sounds to me like your ISP was downloading more packets than your processor
    could handle. Doesn't surprise me.

    boy wonder
    boy wonder, Jul 5, 2003
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  3. On Sat, 05 Jul 2003 20:58:06 GMT, boy wonder wrote
    It's a good site -- it comes up with a speed of 583, which is in line
    with other tests I've tried (and is around what it should be on a
    600K service).

    It's similar, though, to what I was getting with the slower computer,
    so the change in page rendering must be down to the increased processor
    speed, and not from an increase in the service level.
    Harvey Van Sickle, Jul 5, 2003
  4. Possibly both, depending upon the page content; but most likely the
    processor speed. Most people don't realize how complex the process of page
    rendering can be, and with a relatively fast processor you don't notice
    it--unless you're upgrading from a dinosaur. I had the same experience when
    I went from a 75MHz Pentium I to a 333 Celeron.
    Gary G. Taylor, Jul 6, 2003
  5. On Sun, 06 Jul 2003 18:29:19 GMT, Gary G. Taylor wrote
    -snip re: much faster web page rendering on Athlon 2000 than old 233
    Thanks for confirming that I'm not imagining this!

    The speed increase is incredibly noticeable in a number of apps -- e-
    mail checking as well as web page downloading/rendering. Waiting for
    ages before upgrading really underlines the speed of the upgraded
    Harvey Van Sickle, Jul 8, 2003
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