Support the EDGAR WALLACE DVD PETITION to avoid a Disaster !

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Zoltan Carnovasch, Jul 23, 2004.

  1. It has become obvious now, that the upcoming German DVD releases of
    the Egar Wallace Krimis will be no reason for hapiness at all and be
    far from Kinowelt quality. Kinowelt released some Edgar Wallace DVDs
    some time ago. Instead of high-definition transfers of the original
    negatives it is planned that already existing TV-masters will be used
    for the DVDs. These masters are often incomplete, edited, not in
    correct aspect ratio and suffer from various other problems.

    The only way and the last chance to avoid a complete disaster now is
    to make responsible people believe, that low-quality DVDs of the
    Krimis are not wanted and supported by large audiences both in Germany
    and abroad and will not sell.

    (Quality DVDs of the Edgar Wallace Krimis Petition) has been created
    and needs the support of all German movie lovers as well as of all
    foreign fans and admirers of the Krimis.

    Please use to get a rough English traslation of the
    ideas, the Petition is aiming for. The Petition expressly demands the
    inclusion of the foreign language dubbings of the Krimis (which are
    available in German vaults) and English subtitles !!!

    Please remember that originally Blue Underground was hugely intereted
    in acquiring the DVD rights of the Krimis. If they had been
    successful, there would have been no need in fighting this petition
    today !

    The petition was created yesterday at 20:00 p.m. and has gained 113
    total signatures so far. But much more signatures will be needed to
    ensure that the petition is heard and taken serious by the responsible

    Please spread the link to other forums and communities who are
    interested in high quality DVD editions of the Wallace Krimis. Please
    encourage your friends and relatives to sign and support the Petition
    ! Extensive statements by a large international community are
    desperately needed for our demands !

    The latest news on this subject will be discussed at the German Edgar
    Wallace board in this thread (German only unfortunately):

    The Petition is supported by the German Edgar Wallace Board , Deutscher Tonfilm 1929 -1972 (German Sound
    Movies 1929 - 1972) and renowned German
    author Joachim Kramp, who gave us the profound and beloved books on
    the Krimis "Hallo - hier spricht Edgar Wallace !" and "Das Edgar
    Wallace Lexikon: Leben - Werk - Filme"

    Zoltan Carnovasch, Jul 23, 2004
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