Suggestions for high BW capacity router friendly to home&high end use?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MCTnet, Apr 7, 2015.

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    Apr 7, 2015
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    Sorry if the title is confusing.

    I am looking to change up my network and am in the market for a new core router.

    Here is my current setup :
    2 story house, + furnished basement
    Top floor has my Internet source (Fiber 1Gbps synchronous) and a WD My Net N750 HD Dual Band Router, wifi is enabled and services top floor and partly 1st floor. 1 desktop, 1 NAS unit and a game system are directly connected there. The 4th eth connection goes the the basement and links to a managed POE switch. The switch has 1 desktop, 6 servers, 4 games systems, 2 TV boxes, 6 POE-IP cams, a Ruckus 7273 wifi AP for basement coverage and nanostations making a wifi2eth bridge so 2 of my neighbors can have a connection for local game/server play.. Wifi between router and AP service 40+ devices.

    It is currently working but at times gets bogged down when it's handling a multitude of incoming requests to my servers and outgoing requests for HD streaming and video games. It's not an issue of BW ( I rarely see sustained use over 20%), but # of and direction of TCP connections.

    My plan is to replace the router with either a wired only or disable wifi, add more of the ruckus APs for wifi coverage and offloading the WPA2 duty from the main router.
    I'm looking for a router up to a high amount of traffic but still have all the home friendly features like Upnp so 6 xboxes can get along nicely. Bonus for BW per mac/ip monitoring and TCP connection counts. Or already has a following for a DD-WRT build.
    Budget is up to $300
    MCTnet, Apr 7, 2015
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