Suggestions for DS3 router options

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Adrian Jensen, Jul 10, 2003.

  1. Hello all,

    I thought I had a fairly good handle on Cisco hardware, but have been
    stumped after I started planning an upcoming upgrade to the company
    network. I will be connecting two sites together with a DS3 line
    (currently connected by a couple T1s) and was planning on aggregating
    our existing multiple T1 connections (for different services) into the
    single DS3. Needs to support a couple digital T1 circuits for the PBX
    system, a few more circuits (probably mux'd to T1 inputs), and use the
    rest of the T3 bandwidth for LAN taffic between the sites.

    My plan was to buy a new 3640 or 3660 for the primary site (for
    expansion and routing to a couple other sites as well) and use the
    existing 2621s with channelized DS3 cards, aggregating/splitting off the
    phone T1s at either side. Unfortunately... it seems Cisco doesn't make
    channelized T3 card for 2600/3600 line, only channelized T1s. The
    channelized T3 seems to only be available for monster 7000s.

    Am I just totally mis-understanding the meaning of "channelized" here? I
    thought it was just doing TDM, grouping the 28 T1 channels into separate
    sub-rate segments, so different things can be aggregated into a larger
    bandwidth pipe.

    Any other suggestions on what techniques/modules I could use? I realize
    I could VOIP the PBX T1s, etc. But some of the other lines are analog
    data modems/etc. and I really wanted to keep phone/data traffic
    completely separate from the LAN traffic.

    Adrian Jensen, Jul 10, 2003
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  2. Had it? I hadn't seen that, what would be the mid-grade replacement
    model for the 3600 series? Seems that the 3660s in particullar are still
    more than powerful enough to route multiple T3 and 100Base links.
    Besides, why upgrade to something else. The 7xxx series are far bigger
    (physically) then I would/can install in our cramped racks. I don't need
    cutting edge features, the price (at GSA rates) is better than I would
    have thought, and parts/support for the 3600s will still be around for a
    long time.

    Adrian Jensen, Jul 10, 2003
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  3. Adrian Jensen

    PJML Guest

    It's on Cisco's website.

    has the low-down.

    Look at the 3745 as a replacement to the 3660-series:
    faster, cheaper, and has a future!
    PJML, Jul 10, 2003
  4. Adrian Jensen

    Dave Phelps Guest

    There was a HSSI interface for the 3600 series. I assume it's still available and usable
    in the 3700. Unfortunately it will require an external CSU, but maybe you could have your
    CSU do the drop and insert (muxing) function. (Do they call it drop and insert on a
    Dave Phelps, Jul 11, 2003
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