Suggestions for a Newbie preping for 70-270.

Discussion in 'MCSA' started by snafu-ed, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. snafu-ed

    snafu-ed Guest

    I'm getting ready to take my first exam on the MCSA/MCSE track and I was
    looking for some advice for study and practice techniques.

    I've been working on the 70-270 exam on and off since September. I've
    already read cover to cover the Sybex book and am in the process of doing
    review using the ExamCram2 book. I plan on using this book in conjunction
    with the studyguide to try and knock into my brain the little
    details that I think will be on the exam. After reviewing these I'm going to
    run through the practice tests that are shipped with both books ad-nausium.

    From your experiences does this sound like a viable study plan? Are there
    any other resources that you would recommend (free if possible), like
    practice tests, cliff notes, etc...? I think I've got a handle on the core
    concepts, but I don't feel comfortable enough to say that I can remember
    every single command that is contained in my study materials.

    I also wanted to see if the content in these two books are a good
    representation of what is on the exam. I took one of the free practice tests
    that I downloaded yesterday from some site and it was asking me stuff that
    seemed pretty out there and I wasn't even able to find them in the books.

    Any help suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    snafu-ed, Nov 28, 2005
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  2. snafu-ed

    MitchS Guest

    Your methods thus far sound good but don't forget to set up a lab, virtual
    or physical, and break,fix, repeat. It's not expensive, my 2003 server cost
    me 50 clams. As for free resources, look at the MS help files and tutorials
    so generously bundled with your software and the MS know-it-all-base. Lot's
    of good free info there. Stay away from braindumps and pass guarantees.
    Good luck

    Mitch "yer such a Jameshole" S.
    MCNGP XLVIII (Now do the other certs REALLY matter?)
    "Place your bet - Ah say - place your bets, gentlemen.
    Winnner plays, loser stays. Everyone's a winne - well, not everyone." - F.
    MitchS, Nov 28, 2005
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  3. snafu-ed

    snafu-ed Guest

    Thanks, Yeah I don't go after the braindumps at all. But I have been trying
    to get ahold of practice exams to add to my review.

    So is there content on the exam found only in the tutorials and online help?
    Or is this just a recommended plan to help beat into my brain the concepts
    covered in the books? And maybe I am not wording the question correctly. I
    have a system with a removeable drive and XP installed on one of the 2 hd's I
    have. I've been going through and reviewing all the exercises in the book
    using that machine and doing step by step what the book is telling me to do.
    But thats as far as I've gotten, other than having run XP for about 2 years.

    I mean I might be stressing about it more than I should, I dunno. About 3
    weeks ago I went to one of those 5 day training courses for the Novell CNA,
    and I busted my tail and at the end of the week I took the exam and passed
    it, albeit narrowly. I ended up with a bout of food poisoning the night
    before the exam, but still felt that I should at least give it a try. So I
    took the test Friday, and even though I didn't feel "good" about it, I passed

    I know there's no crystal ball, I just wanted to minimize my chances of
    being surprised by the exam (if that is even possible).

    snafu-ed, Nov 28, 2005
  4. snafu-ed

    MitchS Guest

    As I said the best way is to get hands on. That way when the test throws
    surprises at you, you'll be able to deduce the correct answer based on
    experience and understanding of the whole. You really need to get another
    pc to set up Server so ypu can dive into the networking side of XP. Then
    you're already set to continue your studies.

    Mitch "yer such a Jameshole" S.
    MCNGP XLVIII (Now do the other certs REALLY matter?)
    "Place your bet - Ah say - place your bets, gentlemen.
    Winnner plays, loser stays. Everyone's a winne - well, not everyone." - F.
    MitchS, Nov 28, 2005
  5. snafu-ed

    snafu-ed Guest

    Thank you both.

    Mitch, you confirmed what I was thinking. I am currently administering a
    Win2k3 network with XP clients. So I've been noting the things I do in
    normal day to day administration with group policy, TCP/IP, etc... Things
    like where things are, what menu options are available, basically the kind of
    stuff that will be asked. Its one of those things that if I was given an
    interface, I feel that I would have no problems at all answering the
    question. But I guess that's the boat most test takers are in. What I will
    need to bone up on is the RIS stuff. So I'll dig around and come up with
    another box to install AD on and review some more. You are right on the
    money, that there is nothing like first hand experience.

    Bob, thanks for the link. I had some trouble with the direct link so I
    searched for the MCDST site. I got the following address but when I tried to
    do the free training and clicked on the link it was down, so I will check
    back later to see if the page was just being revised.

    Once again thank you both for your help and I'll post the results of my test
    when I take it.


    P.S. How long did you two end up studying for the xp exam and how much
    experience did you have with xp?
    snafu-ed, Nov 29, 2005
  6. snafu-ed

    MitchS Guest

    Your welcome.
    I certified on 2k Pro and with that I had 1 semester of classroom breaking
    and fixing and configuring.

    Mitch "yer such a Jameshole" S.
    MCNGP XLVIII (Now do the other certs REALLY matter?)
    "Place your bet - Ah say - place your bets, gentlemen.
    Winnner plays, loser stays. Everyone's a winne - well, not everyone." - F.
    MitchS, Nov 29, 2005
  7. snafu-ed

    Lee B Guest

    Hi. I have a question in a similair vein to snafu-ed (PS study technique
    seems pretty sound) relating to 70-270.

    In many of the practice exams I have looked at, there is heavy mention of AD
    and group policy (specific GPs for specific scenarios).

    I have sat the corporate 2272C course with a training provider, using the
    official microsoft training book, and there was not one mention of a single
    specific GP. Certainly not the nitty-gritty I have seen in these exams.

    I wonder if these practice exams have gone too far or if the student is
    expected to do a whole lot of un-alluded-to extra research (which by the way
    isn't a problem... I have a lot of information at hand including other
    training books). I'm just wondering exactly how much I'll need to prepare.

    Thanks for any replies.

    Lee B, Nov 30, 2005
  8. snafu-ed

    Jmignant Guest

    I too am using the microsoft press book to prep for the exam, and I've run
    into a similiar dilemna. A couple of the practice tests I took had questions
    on them that went into more detail than what the chapters of the book
    covered. I hadn't taken the time to check out the "Further Reading" sections
    in the back of the book and I think thats where I made an error. It appears
    that theres a good deal of information regarding whats going to be on the
    exam posted online at the various url address' under the "Further Reading"
    towards the back of the book in the "Preparing for the Exam" section. I might
    try checking those out and seeing if it makes a difference because apparently
    I havn't done as much prep as I need to.
    Jmignant, Dec 7, 2005
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