Sugg to Microsoft: provide an EXIF tool in your image preview mechanism

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by RichA, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. RichA

    RichA Guest

    That's all I want.
    RichA, Apr 18, 2012
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  2. RichA

    Bruce Guest

    The best things in life are free
    But you can keep them for the birds and bees
    Now give me money
    That's what I want
    That's what I want, yeah
    That's what I want ...

    (by Janie Bradford and Berry Gordy, released by The Beatles 1963)
    Bruce, Apr 18, 2012
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  3. So have you reported a bug in Windows-8 - that it does not display EXIF
    data - to Microsoft? If you don't report, you can't expect a fix.

    David J Taylor, Apr 19, 2012
  4. RichA

    RichA Guest

    I don't think it's a bug. I don't believe they intended to include it,
    just like them not really supporting RAW file reading.
    RichA, Apr 19, 2012
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