[SU] WANTED: Monthly shooting theme ideas (reserve your turn)

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Double D, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Double D

    Double D Guest

    Hello. We need people to help us choose monthly shooting themes
    (Koncepts) for our monthly shooting event, Shootup 2004. If you are
    interested in being a Konceptor, please send me an email and be sure to
    include the word KONCEPT in the subject to make sure that I get the
    email. Then the list of monthly Konceptors will be announced soon in
    another thread. Please do not submit the theme you want to use at this
    time, submit only the request to be considered.


    As a reminder, the NORMS of the Shootup are below.


    Welcome to the ShootUp!

    ShootUp 2004 website: http://ShootUp2004.fotopic.net

    OBJECTIVE: to provide a semi-competitive photo activity for users of the
    rec.photo Usenet newsgroups.

    FREQUENCY: different theme each month (a.k.a. "KONCEPT")...announced one
    month in advance of when photos are posted to the gallery.

    PHOTOS DUE: on the 28th day of each month. Each monthly gallery will be
    posted on the 1st of each month, along with the new KONCEPT.

    PHOTO FORMAT: Digital or film images are allowed. High Quality. Color or
    B&W. Largest dimension 800 pixels. Please try to keep the file size as
    small as possible. Please keep image editing to a bare minimum. Images
    should appear to be as "out of the camera" as possible.


    1. Photos must be taken during the 4-week (28 day) shooting period for
    each monthly KONCEPT (theme). All new KONCEPTS will be announced on the
    first of each month. After the KONCEPT is announced, participants will
    have until the 28th of the same month to submit their image.

    2. Only one image may be submitted each month by each participant.

    3. Participants must provide their real first and last name along with
    their image.

    4. Cocktails and discussion to follow each monthly KONCEPT at the
    rec.photo.digital Usenet newsgroup. All threads will begin with the [SU]

    CENSORSHIP POLICY: Each participant will have creative control over
    his/her own photo submissions. Please refrain from sending in anything
    pornographic, excessively violent, or extremely tasteless. There will be
    no single moderator; however, there will be a panel of five individuals
    appointed to act as the BOARD OF DIRECTORS. These five individuals will
    vote about anything that becomes controversial (image removal, etc) or a
    problem. A majority vote of three Directors is required to remove any
    photo or amend any of these norms. Directors will be appointed to serve
    until they either post a resignation to RPD or until termination of the
    ShootUp...whichever comes first.

    INSPIRATION: We would like to thank Lisa Horton and Bret Douglas for
    their inspiration. Together, they pioneered the very successful weekly
    [SI] photo activity, commonly referred to in the rec.photo.equipment.35mm
    film group. [SI] can be considered to be the predecessor to [SU]. If it
    were not for the efforts of Lisa and Bret, [SU] would not be possible.
    Double D, Nov 26, 2003
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  2. Double D

    Annika1980 Guest

    From: Double D
    Why not just copy the ones from the original Shoot-In?
    Annika1980, Nov 27, 2003
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  3. Double D

    Alan Browne Guest

    A little comment here. Please take this in good faith, not as a
    negative criticism.

    The [SI] on r.p.e.35mm has a mandate frequency of 1/week, with new
    mandates announced every Friday, due 9 days later. Most of us in the
    [SI] shoot film, some shoot digital. Most of the film shooters manage
    to complete their assignments on time. This includes figuring out what
    to shoot, shooting, developing, choosing, scanning (crop, balance,
    re-size, USM). We have assigned 'mandators' for the [SI] through May
    next year which will result in about 25 more [SI]'s. At our current
    average, this will result in the posting of some 700 more phots by then,
    and the creation (the unseen photos) of 10,000 - 20,000 more images.
    This process has created some wonderful photos in the SI. I have little
    doubt that the SI project will continue beyond May 2004.

    3 comments on the [SU]:
    First: One of the vaunted articles of digital faith is the fast cycle
    time from shutter click to computer/printer.
    So, please excuse me if I find it ironic that the r.p.d [SU] has a one
    month cycle, but your SU is contrary to one of the great advantages of
    digital: turnaround from assignment to produced images.

    Second, photography is about making photos, not arguing about the merits
    of RGB over Foveon. There are so many people in this r.p.d NG, is
    anyone making photos? That's the point. And to make good photos, you
    have to practice, practice, practice. So again, the SU at 1/month is
    not exactly getting people out of the house shooting.
    (And yes, I know you good folks are making photos too).

    Third: Will the [SU] survive with a 1/month cycle? One advantage of the
    [SI] is that it is always THERE, people are looking at the freshest
    photos from the group while planning their next photos, and of course
    discussing them on line. The [SU] proposed 1/month cycle might be a
    seed of its own destruction. Of course I hope I'm wrong, but I
    recommend in light of the above, that a shorter cycle time would be
    healthier for the SU. And should not be a strain on the fast track
    digital world...

    Alan Browne, Nov 27, 2003
  4. Double D

    Double D Guest

    Hi Alan, thanks for your detailed analysis.

    My reasoning behind the monthly timeline:

    1. I did not want to rip off the timetable of [SI].

    2. I wanted to allow for a longer shooting period than 9 days. In this
    case, the shooting period is 28 days. In my reasoning I saw more
    potential of finding the "perfect shot" (more planning, shooting and
    cull-time permitted) and allowing for even the busiest of the busy to
    participate. While [SI] has almost a photojournalism timeline, [SU] will
    begin at a slower pace.

    3. I did not want to step on anyone's toes. If we are running 8-10 themes
    a month between the two activities, things will get crazy. That's a lot
    of film, even if it is the cheap stuff. If [SI] does 4 or 5 themes a
    month and [SU] does exactly 1, then it is still very feasible. Your [SI]
    die-hard regulars will have their shot in every week, and if they have a
    little extra time that month they can take their time and carefully
    submit a photo to my little ole [SU].

    You may be right about the timeline. I did see some of the older [SI]
    threads about the planning and "coming together" of the [SI]. There were
    some people who were very firm about weekly mandates, others were in
    favor of several weeks in between mandates. I've already gotten a nice
    amount of email regarding [SU]. I am sure that we will have a nice crop
    of photos for the first Koncept, "Kandid Camera" due on Dec 28. The
    question is whether or not the activity will go considerably longer.

    You've brought up some very good points, Alan. I do not take your words
    lightly and I appreciate your time. You did not type all of that for
    nothing. Maybe we can run it bi-monthly. Let's see what happens with the
    first round. I would be honored to have one of your photos up in the
    first gallery on Jan 1. Everything you have done for the [SI] has been
    top-notch. Also, if you would like to choose a Koncept, either reply here
    or send me an email with the word KONCEPT in the subject.

    I am trying to set up a panel of five Directors for the activity. These
    five individuals would vote on any amendments to the Norms, photo removal
    (if necessary), and anything important. I'd love to have you aboard as
    one of the Directors. It would not require any substantial percentage of
    your time…just an occasional vote in an RPD thread. You have some great
    insights and we could really use your experience. In addition, everyone
    around here seems to know you and that is a plus. Come aboard as Director
    and we can vote on the timeline.

    We have the green light from the people over at Fotopic.net. The head
    guy, Joel, sent me several encouraging emails and offered to promote the
    activity in the form of a news link on their main site. They seem like a
    great bunch of people and they provide excellent quality and value for
    image hosting.

    (As far as the Forevon/Sigma people, we will allow them to enter and show
    us what they really can do instead of just bragging about their sensors
    in RPD. RPD was a great group when I was a regular here....a few years
    back. I'm hoping that [SU] would bring something positive back to the
    group like [SI] did with RPE35.)

    Oh yeah, we will even allow Leica equipment to be used. ;-)

    D. Drysdale

    ShootUp 2004 website: http://ShootUp2004.fotopic.net
    Double D, Nov 28, 2003
  5. Double D

    Alan Browne Guest

    First thanks for taking my comments with good grace.

    Second on the invitation, I decline, with thanks.

    Good luck. I may indeed throw in a shot.


    Alan Browne, Nov 28, 2003
  6. Double D

    Steve Young Guest

    Kudos on your work Double D

    It's this kind of effort that has made it so much fun for our sister group,
    rec.photo.equipment.35mm. I'm glad the 2 groups can embrace the duality of the
    contest. Your concern of differentiating them is wise. Even the time frames
    will give them different reflections, to further the distance, IMHO. Coming up
    with a Board that will delight the group, may well be the bigger challange.

    *Good luck Double D!*
    I'll help as I'm able

    Steve Young
    Steve Young, Nov 28, 2003
  7. Double D

    Double D Guest

    Thanks for your input, Steve. I sent you an email message. Please sift
    though your spam filters to find it. ;-)
    Double D, Nov 28, 2003
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