[SU] My comments for "Reflections"

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Leroy Jolicoeur, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Hello,

    For the first time, I will tell my comments on SU. My English is not
    fluent yet so please pardon me.

    These comments are for SU Koncept "Reflections" found here:


    Al Denelsbeck - This is a beautiful long exposure. How many seconds?
    ISO? Film/DSLR? F stop? Body? Lens? Bulb? Cable release or timer? The
    rich colours are superb. What is this body of water? Judging by your SI
    entry this week you seem to be a water person. We seem to have much in
    common. We like photography and water. ;)

    Laura Kernbaum - This is a very creative photo. The detail in the
    reflections and shadows is excellent. I also appreciate how the woman
    appears as silhouette. This is similar to an outdoor version of your SI
    Wildcard photo. You have a distinct style.

    Jeremy Miller - That looks like a Canon G1 in this photo. That was my
    first digital camera. Very nice photo. You have good skill. I would love
    to see your work with more advanced camera like DSLR.

    Rosario Fusco - The photo is very good, but I thought mirrors were not
    to be included? The woman is pretty and the teats are firm. I would love
    to see other photos in this series if you can post them please.

    Thaddeus Lipshitz - I have seen an improvement in your photography
    ability from when you begun SI and SU. This is evidence that practice
    makes perfection as they say. I first noticed the car mirror and I was
    thinked "He used a mirror" but then I opened the thumbnail to the full
    size. That is when I did notice the reflection in the window glass pane.
    God job done.

    Jack Zarcone - That is one big puddle! I feel sorry for walkers. I hope
    it will not freeze at night or some persons may slip and fall down. That
    would be a pity. Good reflections captured, but the colours are a little

    Drunken Peter - This photo is a major upgrade in skill from your
    Four-Legged Friends photo. Good work done this time.

    Barry Russell - This makes me remember my childhood times at my
    grandparents in Belgium. Very wonderful memories this photo brings back.
    They owned large old house as this one in your photo. This is a scene
    very pleasant. The reflections are impeccable.

    Sarah LaBrea - This looks like Fender's Stratocaster, correct? Good job
    done. Field depth extremely shallow.

    Tom Holden - This is a terrific landscape. Your photo makes me feel like
    I do want to put on a jacket. ;)))) Time for hot tea cup.

    Flake - The reflection of the wheel inside the puddle is very good. Good
    job done.

    JK - Interesting macro. The focus could have been more sharper on more
    of the leaf area. Excellent reflection.

    Mike DeFrancesco - Excellent reflection. If you carefully look at centre
    of tree you can see a human face. It does look like Alfred E. Neuman of
    the Mad Magazine. ;))))))) Very nice job done.

    Mr. Blobby (Andrew C)- My Oligarch comrade and the Koncept chooser for
    Reflections! You have job very well done in both your theme choice and
    your submission. This was very original idea. Do you play golf?

    Nick Blyumberg - I did bowling in my life before, but I was not very
    good at this. I can understand frustration when a person does get this
    "split" as you pictured here. Good photo with great reflections. Very
    original is the idea.

    Paolo Pizzi - Was this from Jimi Hendrix concert? ;)))))))) Excellent
    photo. Was this film or digital? The colours are so not tame. Only small
    problem is that I can not guess what this thing is. ;)))) That is OK.
    Leaves mysterious aura.

    Torch - Your composition is very pleasant. Good capture of the
    reflections in water. Pretty scene to eyes.

    Robert Harrington - This is one of my favourites for this Koncept. The
    scene is very pleasant. The contrast is great to see. The 2 people give
    the eye a clear point to focus. Photo is sharp and colours are great.

    Ilan Gavish - Very clear reflection with not using a mirror. Good job

    Leroy Jolicoeur - This was from a short vacation to Vancouver with my
    girlfriend. I did not have my camera bag with me. I only had cheap
    digital camera with me. I am happy with the composition but the image
    quality is not to my normal standards.
    Leroy Jolicoeur, Mar 3, 2004
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  2. Leroy Jolicoeur

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    Paolo Pizzi - Was this from Jimi Hendrix concert? ;))))))))
    I think the story behind the picture is more interesting than
    the mystery... But if you don't want to know, don't read
    beyond this point. :)

    I was in a downtown Chicago government building (modern
    architecture, glass and metal, love it...) when I saw the mother
    of all reflections!! A large metallic (silver-like) concave plate
    was reflecting sunlight through a couple of thick curved glass
    surfaces above, which created the monster color aberration
    you see in the photo (don't know what the plate was for,
    probably part of the decor: a bunch of those had been temporary
    put in a corner on the floor.) Fortunately, I had my Sigma
    12-24EX in the bag, for the plate was fairly large and I had no
    room to back up and shoot with any narrower lens. The photo
    was shot with a Nikon F100 on Provia (ISO400) @ 12mm.
    Due to the very unpredictable nature of the subject, I bracketed
    and the shot you see is 1/250 f/11. The slide was then scanned
    with my Nikon LS4000.

    You must be reading my mind when you mention Hendrix,
    because I thought the shot was very...psychedelic (or
    "shaggedelic" if you want... :) )

    BTW, congratulations to all participants, the average quality
    of the submissions was remarkably high.
    Paolo Pizzi, Mar 3, 2004
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  3. Leroy Jolicoeur

    Mr Blobby Guest

    "Leroy Jolicoeur" <Jolicoeur {AT} softhome {DOT} net> wrote in message

    Thanks for your efforts Leroy

    I suspect there is more to this than meets the eye, I have spoted that as
    the reflection is near perfect, I have found several inconsistancies that
    lead me to believe that is is a Twin on the other side of glass. I could be
    wrong, but the angles just don't quite match up and the mouth is the biggest
    give away.
    I will look forward to Rosario's comments on his own picture.

    Thanks again for your comment Leroy, I play the od game of golf and this was
    actually a test shot for an Idea I had and I just didn't get around to the
    final image that was to be done out in the field.

    Bye for now.

    Mr Blobby, Mar 4, 2004
  4. Taken with my trusty Canon Elan IIe and not-so-trusty Sigma 28-105,
    at 28mm, then cropped tighter. Fuji Superia 400 film, does a much better
    job of streetlights than Provia ;-). 30 seconds at f11, if I remember
    right, using the infrared release.

    This location is the same river as my SI pic, but a much different
    area of it. Last full moon a storm rolled in when I was set up to catch the
    moon just above the horizon, so missed it that time. Maybe tomorrow night.

    But yes, I'm a water freak, and this river (actually an inlet or
    sound) sits only a mile from my house, and I'm there quite often. My
    fascination with it can be found in my galleries at
    http://wading-in.net/Localgallery.html, and nearly everything shown at
    http://wading-in.net/Tankgallery.html came from there as well.

    I'd love to see your own water shots, Leroy. Is there a website I can
    check out?

    - Al.
    Al Denelsbeck, Mar 4, 2004
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