[SU] #1 KANDID CAMERA- My Comments

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Richard Cockburn, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Hi everyone. I would like to share my comments about the first Shoot-Up
    gallery "Kandid Camera". If you are reading this and thinking "what the
    hell is he talking about" then here is a link to the photos I will be
    evaluating in the text below:


    My comments-

    Torch- Drunken couple in a bar. Nice. They seem to be enjoying themselves.
    The girl appears to somewhat more sophisticated than the chap. She is
    drinking bottled beer while he is buying drafts. He looks more like "The
    Crocodile" hunter type. Time to get a room. I am guessing that you were
    probably with this couple. Judging from the relatively decent exposure in a
    low light situation I am inclined to think that you were not too far away
    from them. The fact that the guy did not break your camera or punch you in
    the nose is an indication that your presence was not a problem. ;-) Nice

    Andrew C (Blobby)- This photo seems to have been taken from somewhat of a
    distance. You have captured some authentic emotional facial expressions
    here. The woman in the center looks like she is truly laughing hysterically
    to something one of the others said. The other two look like they are
    putting on fake nominal smiles. Good grab. The Blob always comes through!
    I'm looking forward to reading your first patented edition of [SU]

    Susan Cohen- Gee whiz...that is one big dude. They appear to be newlyweds.
    I could be wrong. What an unusual activity for a wedding. It is amazing how
    various cultures celebrate traditional events differently. This is a very
    interesting photo to look at, Susan.

    Flake- This photo has a truly candid look. These guys look like they are
    either real estate salesmen or federal agents. The photo is a bit grainy
    and the scan is far from perfect, but these factors contribute to the
    overall mood of this scene.

    Simon W- There is nothing more entertaining than taking pictures of drunks
    when you are in a bar with a camera. Why is one man holding the glass while
    the other is drinking from it with a straw? Whose drink is it? It looks
    like a "Long Island Ice Tea". 4 of those and lights out. I wonder how many
    of those drinks this guy had.

    Mike- If you were the only guy on the boat then you are one lucky fellow.
    One of the girls seems to have caught you in the act and she does not look
    pleased. I hope you were wearing your life preserver. Good shot.

    JK- This is a nice candid shot. You must have been using a tripod for this
    one since an indoor shot in a church. Churches are traditionally not very
    well lit. The bride looks like she is taller than the groom. Maybe she is
    wearing high heels, but she could have worn flats for the pictures! She
    will probably "wear the pants" in the family.

    Laura K- This is a very nice opportunity shot. The composition is excellent
    whether you intended it to be or not. The double kiss on the baby's cheeks
    and the facial expressions of all three of them are perfect. The telescope,
    disposable camera, and kitchen items all compliment the scene. The shiny
    counter surface provides a nice texture and buffer.

    Paolo Pizzi- This is one of the best photos of the bunch. The level of
    contrast is perfect. The DOF is right on the money. The girl is adorable
    and you captured a wonderful facial expression. The tones and shadows are
    rather pleasant too. Excellent shot. Is this film or digital?

    Jerry Howe- This is another one of my favorite photos of the bunch. Is that
    a Webley revolver? Those are not easy to find. That alone racks you ups
    some points. You seem to have snapped the shutter at exactly the same time
    he pulled the trigger. Your timing was perfect and so was the DOF. Nice

    Dick Drysdale (Double D)- This is another really nice shot. The colors are
    right on the money, even the skin and hair tones. The boy looks like he is
    exhausted but does not want to sleep because his favorite TV show is about
    to come on. The photo is very sharp and easy to look at.

    Jack Zarcone- This photo looks more like a typical indoor low light candid
    with flash. I will assume that you know the woman. If not, she probably
    would have poked your eyes out with that lit cigarette. Is that a shadow I
    see over her lip, or, does she need to shave? Perhaps a bit of Nair would
    do the trick.

    Richard Cockburn- This is my shot. Canon Rebel with Tri-X. I was happy with
    it. The lady seemed to be waiting for a friend to show up. She never
    noticed me or the camera.

    GC- She is a very nice looking woman. She seems to be staring right into
    the lens. Did she catch you in the act of taking the photo? She does not
    look very happy, but she looked darn good! Great composition.

    Lance Coleman- I used to play soccer when I was in elementary school. The
    scene in this photo brings back a plethora of good memories for me. The
    colors, composition, and DOF are perfect. Great action shot.

    Josh Winkler- You seem to have taken this photo from a distance and at
    angle that puts you higher than the subject. She does not seem to have any
    idea that she is being watched, let alone photographed. Great capture. Too
    bad we can't see more of her.

    Svetlana Nevski- You must have taken this when the train stopped. If not,
    then you probably used a fast film and pushed it several stops to get a
    really fast shutter speed. The photo is a little grainy so the latter is
    possible. The grain adds character to the mood of this photo. Very nice

    Alan Browne- This is a pleasant photo to look at. The boys are staring at
    something in the sky. Is it a plane? A hot air balloon? A carousel? Mars?
    The photo seems to have been taken at a carnival or theme park from this
    perspective. Nice shot, Alan. I look forward to seeing your "Femme Fatal"
    shot for [SI] on Sunday.

    Bret Douglas (Annika1980)- This looks like a scene from the movie "Boys in
    the hood". This photo looks like it was taken totally from a distance. They
    children probably never knew that they were photographed. Where is Harry
    the Hawk?

    Leroy Jolicouer- This is a nice soft, candid portrait of a delightful young
    child. The facial expression is precious. Great capture.

    Sarah LaBrea- You must be friends with Bret. They say that golf is a sport
    that has no age limit. You have proven that theory with this photo. Great
    grab shot.

    Thaddeus Lipshitz- This reminds me of the movie "Fiddler on the roof". I am
    surprised that the Rabbi let you take him picture in this setting without
    consequence. I have only one question: What is he doing with those

    Barry Russell- Nice shot. I like the sepia tone. This reminds me of the
    girl in the old Rockwell/Michael Jackson video "Somebody's watchin' me". I
    can hear the music now in my ears.

    Tom Holden- Do you work at a ski resort? Or were you skiing? This is one
    sport I have never been able to master. I played football, basketball,
    hockey, and rugby but I could never learn to ski. Nice composition and a
    very pleasant scene.

    Nice job, everyone. I look forward to seeing everyone's four legged

    "Live fast. Die young." (Nikki Sixx)

    -Richard Cockburn

    Richard Cockburn, Jan 7, 2004
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  2. Richard Cockburn

    Paolo Pizzi Guest

    OK, let's fire away my comments.

    First of all congrats to all and thanks for participating. Overall it
    was a very good bunch of pictures.

    Torch - The guy's intentions are pretty clear, I can imagine how
    the night ended after the girl finished the second bottle... ;-)
    Good shot, perfectly in line with the theme.

    Andrew C (Blobby) - I like the 1960-ish ambiance of this
    photo, the white border helped me perceiving it as such.
    If that was your intention, you hit the mark. The guy looks like
    a priest. What the heck is he doing with two women? (I know,
    I know, I will burn in hell, but since I'm a diehard atheist, it
    was already granted... :) )

    Susan Cohen - If I were newlywed, I'd probably save my energy
    for the night... :) Weird activity for a wedding party but hey, they
    must be kids at heart and that's a good thing. Interesting photo.

    Flake - Laurence Fishburne meets Sadat? Was that a look-alike
    contest? Grainy like it was scanned from a newspaper, looks like
    circa 1970 photojournalism. If that was intentional, it's brilliant.

    Simon W- I would have waited until the guy's head crashed
    lifelessly on the table. Whoa, evidently what they say about
    radio hosts is mostly true... :)

    Mike - I would have probably startled the girl in the foreground
    before shooting, you know, to get a glimpse of more interesting
    anatomical details... :)

    JK - Good candid but composition (crop) could have been
    better. IMHO it's either the flowers on the left or the priest
    on the right, not half and half... :)

    Laura K- This is one of my favorites and I like the underlying
    political message, whether deliberate or not. Don't show it to
    Pat Robertson...

    Paolo Pizzi - OK, this is my photo. For the record, it's digital
    (D100) and it was taken very casually at a party, with what
    I call my "walk-around" lens (Nikkor 24-120VR.) BTW, the
    girl is my lovely niece. If you are interested in some technical
    details, I set on aperture priority, fairly open for a little bokeh,
    bracketed between the value of spot metering (on the skin) and
    matrix, spot auto-focused (on the face) and started taking a
    bunch of pictures in continuous mode. Daylight was more than
    decent (overcast sky, plenty of diffused light, interesting
    shadow/highlight detail on face, ISO set at 200, VR not needed,
    set to "off"), no need for flash fill (I didn't have my flash with me
    and the built-in flash would have been insufficient anyway), no
    reflectors, no filters. The picture was shot in RAW format and
    converted to B&W (de-saturated color) via Photoshop CS RAW
    plug-in. Processing was minimal, just a little sharpen and a bit of
    tweaking here and there of levels, curves and contrast.

    Jerry Howe - What I like the most about this picture is the
    unusual crop. My feeling here is the exact opposite of Laura K's
    shot: I don't like the underlying political message, whether deliberate
    or not.

    Dick Drysdale (Double D) - Very nice shot, excellent composition,
    perfect exposure, pleasant skin tones. Let me guess, it's NOT an
    SD-9... ;-)

    Jack Zarcone - No surgeon general warning attached to this picture?
    Shame on you! :)

    Richard Cockburn - This is an excellent "street" shot and one
    of my favorites. Tri-X, hmmm interesting, brings back a lot of
    good memories...

    GC - The girl looks quite annoyed, she definitely has a future as
    a mannequin (she's pretty and sexy though...)

    Lance Coleman - nicely frozen action but I would have definitely
    cropped out the top third (quite distracting) and maybe even a
    slice from the bottom, to make it more dramatic.

    Josh Winkler - I like the "candidness" of this photo, but I would
    have probably zoomed in a little more to catch a better detail of
    the most "interesting" area... ;-)

    Svetlana Nevski - This is another of my favorites. Excellent idea,
    superb execution. Very "post-modern."

    Alan Browne - Interesting shot and very nice crop. Maybe a
    little too much compression for my tastes, but I fully understand
    that the 100k limit is hard to beat sometimes...

    Bret Douglas (Annika1980) - Another good "street" shot, nice
    slightly blurry background. I would have waited for the r/c car
    to become slightly more obvious in the picture (you don't
    immediately realize what's going on in there), but that's just
    personal preference.

    Leroy Jolicouer - Nice kid, nice expression, nice photo,
    nice crop.

    Sarah LaBrea - Good idea, albeit slightly lifeless. Couldn't
    you wait until she swung?

    Thaddeus Lipshitz - Good candid, but what the heck
    is a bag of Huggies doing there? Any baby ready to be
    circumcised nearby? :)

    Barry Russell - this is also one of my favorites. I like the sepia,
    unusual in this kind of photo.

    Tom Holden - technically OK but IMHO a bit boring. Just
    like cross-country skiing... :)
    Paolo Pizzi, Jan 7, 2004
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  3. Thank you for your comments about my photo.

    "Live fast. Die young." (Nikki Sixx)

    -Richard Cockburn

    Richard Cockburn, Jan 10, 2004
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