stupid test questions and stupid awnsers in Measureup 70-320 test

Discussion in 'MCAD' started by john, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. john

    john Guest

    I bought the measureup simuation test for 70-320. I am fed up with so many stupid questions and stupid awnsers in its test.

    Here is an example:

    You are using the COM Application Install Wizard of the Component Services administration tool to create a new Component Services (COM+) application. The wizard prompts you to define the activation type of the application as either a library application or a server application. You need to decide which type is appropriate for your application.

    Which feature can you use in both server applications and library applications?

    1 Role-based security

    2 Remote access

    3 Queued components

    4 Connection pooling


    You can use role-based security in both server applications and library applications. You can use role-based security to control access to an application or to individual components, methods, interfaces, and resources within an application. To use role-based security for an element, you use the SecurityRoleAttribute defined in the System.EnterpriseServices.ServicedComponent class to identify the roles that should be allowed to access the element. You can use the Component Services administration tool to create roles and to add Windows user accounts and security groups to a role.

    A COM+ server application is an application that is hosted in a dedicated process. For each server application, COM+ creates an instance of a surrogate process named Dllhost.exe. A COM+ library application is an application that runs within the process of a calling client.

    You can use remote access, queued components, and connection pooling only for COM+ server applications, not for COM+ library applications. Since a library application runs in the process of the calling client, you cannot ensure that the application's security context supports remote access.

    You can use the queued components feature of COM+ to provide asynchronous communication between two components. A component's call to the method of a second component can be queued until the second component is available.

    You can use the connection pooling feature of COM+ to maintain a pool of database connections to be reused. Maintaining a pool of connections eliminates the overhead of creating a new connection each time an application must access a database.

    My Comments:

    1. Connection pooling is more a data provider feature than a com+ feature, e.g. sql data provider has a few switch in the connection string that control connection pooling.

    2. Remoting: Remoting is not much relevant to COM+ activation type. I do not think that only server type COM+ can be remoted. For example, in Microsoft enterprise example Fitch and Mather 7.0, the Gam component is a COM+ component, however it can be remoted and is a library type com+ application. Beside, Gam also support object pooling, and in another question awnser by MeasureUp, it says Com+ library application can not be pooled, baseless again!

    And there are many other stupid questions.
    john, Oct 14, 2004
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