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    Aug 15, 2012
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    South Africa
    Hey guys, I dont mean to be a drama person or any of that, just saying to get that done with, im studying at home and during my school years i have seen myself drop should i be left to studying at home, im begining now after a long wait with the beginnings of computer repair and programming, my ultimate goal is to become a game designer in which at least i have some experience, but i suppose basics come first, i am ADD and while i do take meds for it i cannot seem to et myself to actually sit and think, this is an excellent example, while not off topic i am off focus posting this, though i would like to put a uestion out there if there is anyone who is able to help and would like to? or if there is another fellow learner, i would be MORE than happy to study with you ^^ i am currently studying through so please, if you can help or want a joint study, contact me and we can set something up ^^ for now ill be looking further into a detailed descrition on the cleaning euipment and how to use for pcs
    Kelnadra, Aug 15, 2012
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