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    Computer Science, Electronic and Infocomm Engineering and Statistics
    Study at Institute of Information Sciences & Technology, Massey University,
    New Zealand
    International Students catered for - internal and extramural teaching


    Computer Science (CS) -
    In a market screaming out for qualified IT professionals, find out what
    Computer Science can do for you...
    Computer Science complements other subjects such as accounting, biology,
    electronics, finance, history, geography, linguistics, marketing,
    mathematics, philosophy, physics, psychology . No prior computing or
    mathematical skills are required.

    Electronic and Infocomm Engineering (EIE) -
    You too could participate in NZ's only Student Space Exploration and
    Technology Initiative (SSETI)...
    Develop a broad range of skills and practice. Develop a systems approach,
    equipping graduates with generic skills that can be applied to the most
    current technology.

    Statistics -
    Statistically Challenged? Beat the odds with Statistics papers...
    Most organisations find they need someone who can organise, analyse and
    interpret it intelligently. Recent Statistics graduates have found
    employment in areas as diverse as research science, environmental
    management, and commerce.

    Studying with us

    IIST is located on both the Palmerston North
    ( and Wellington
    ( campuses. We offer a wide range
    of Information & Technology Undergraduate and Postgraduate study options.
    IIST is the home of innovative technology solutions. Take control of your
    future by studying with us.

    Undergraduate Programmes
    The provision of an increasing number of well-qualified scientists and
    technologists is an essential requirement for the future well-being of new
    Zealand. This is nowhere more true than in the information technologies. A
    number of undergraduate programmes of study are available within the
    Institute in this field, in the form of three and four-year Bachelors

    In addition, papers taught within the Institute can be taken as supporting
    subjects in conjunction with other majoring programmes for most of the
    Bachelors degrees offered by the University. Some of the undergraduate
    programmes taught by the Institute are available in extramural (off-campus)

    Note that the papers are offered at different levels: 100-level (e.g.
    159.101) generally corresponds to first-year, 200-level (e.g. 161.220) to
    second-year and 300-level (e.g. 143.337) to third-year. 400-level papers
    relate to fourth year undergraduate study within the BE and BTech degrees.

    The following links (into the College of Sciences web pages) provide general
    information on degrees and papers within the Institute. You can also request
    an enrolment pack. Further advice is available from the Course Advisor shown
    for each subject. More detailed information can also be found in the various
    degree handbooks.

    Bachelors Degrees...

    Bachelor of Engineering
    Computer Systems Engineering
    Information Engineering
    Information and Telecommunications Engineering
    Software Engineering

    Bachelor of Engineering Technology
    Electronic Engineering
    Systems Engineering
    Telecommunications Engineering

    Bachelor of Information Sciences
    Computer Science
    Data Mining
    Decision Science

    Bachelor of Science (
    Computer Science
    Decision Science
    Guest, Dec 8, 2006
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