Hosts Second Annual PROJECT: FAIR Anti-Piracy PSA Contest and Online Showcase

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Walter Traprock, Feb 5, 2006.

  1. Hosts Second Annual PROJECT: FAIR Anti-Piracy PSA
    Contest and Online Showcase For VSDA

    Call for Entries - hosts the second annual
    PROJECT: FAIR Anti-Piracy PSA contest and online showcase for VSDA at, ,
    helping VSDA to spread the Project: FAIR (Filmmakers Against Illegal
    Replication) mission and anti-piracy message while broadening the film
    competition's audience and participants. Deadline for submissions is
    May 1, 2006. There is no entry fee. The contest is open to all
    filmmakers and video makers of all ages and levels.

    "We were looking for an organization with a deep reach into the
    student and independent film communities. We were impressed with the
    information and resources on the site and the
    traffic the site receives. The organization also has experience in
    hosting contests," said VSDA Vice President of Marketing and Industry
    Relations, Carrie Dieterich. "We're especially excited that the
    acceptable entries will be on the site for everyone to view. I think
    it will create a terrific sense of community and competition - in the
    best sense of the word."

    The short film competition is looking for unique and creative
    thirty-second short films that will educate the public about illegal
    copying and speak out against illegal replication affecting the
    entertainment industry. Judging will be on the basis of technical
    skill, creativity, and insight into the anti-piracy message. All short
    film entries will be showcased online.

    The first place winner will receive a $1,000 scholarship/stipend and a
    trip to Las Vegas to attend VSDA's Annual Convention. The second
    prize winner will receive a $500 scholarship/stipend. The third prize
    winner will receive a $250 scholarship/stipend. Additional prizes TBA.
    For more information and updates, go to .

    A panel of celebrity judges will review the entries and select the
    winner(s) who will be honored at VSDA's Home Entertainment 2006, to
    be held in July in Las Vegas. Winning thirty-second shorts will run on
    monitors in over 4,000 video stores and be distributed to all major and
    independent studios, entertainment organizations and guilds.

    "Piracy is against the law. Not only is it against the law, but I
    don't think people realize the magnitude of what they're doing,
    especially when they illegally upload movies to websites for others to
    download," said Director, Kim E. Welch.
    "There are so many good ideas out there and ways to express them. I'm
    really waiting to see and anticipating what our filmmakers will

    More information about prizes, contest rules, filmmakers' guidelines,
    advice to filmmakers, and details about Project: FAIR and VSDA is at . The Project: FAIR
    Anti-Piracy PSA contest flyer can be downloaded at .

    About is a resource and creative community for aspiring
    filmmakers, and its primary goal is to encourage and support new and
    independent film and video makers of all ages and levels around the

    About Project: FAIR
    Project: FAIR (Filmmakers Against Illegal Replication) invites
    filmmakers to create public service announcements that speak out
    against motion picture, music and videogame theft. It's a way for
    filmmakers to address the issue of illegal piracy in a positive way.

    About VSDA
    Established in 1981, the Video Software Dealers Association (VSDA) is
    the not-for-profit international trade association for the $24 billion
    home entertainment industry. VSDA represents more than 1,000 companies
    throughout the United States, Canada, and other nations. Its members
    operate more than 11,500 retail outlets in the U.S. that sell and/or
    rent DVDs, VHS cassettes, and console video games. Membership comprises
    the full spectrum of video retailers (from single-store operators to
    large chains), video distributors, the home video divisions of major
    and independent motion picture studios, and other related businesses
    that constitute and support the home video entertainment industry.
    Walter Traprock, Feb 5, 2006
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  2. Walter Traprock

    just john Guest

    And I'm waiting for LeMur and Norel Pref to get their hands on the
    results and remix the bejesus out of them! Thanks for the invite!
    just john, Feb 5, 2006
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  3. Walter Traprock

    Giles Guest

    And remix they can:

    Copyright: Entries must be dedicated to the public domain. Upon
    submission, you agree that your entry is dedicated to the public
    domain. You authorize VSDA to formalize your dedication of the work to
    the public domain through the services of the Creative Commons.

    Clearances: Even though you will dedicate your work to the public
    domain, it is essential that all related clearances and permissions be
    obtained prior to submission. Forms and a checklist are provided for
    inclusion with your submission, and you will warrant that you have
    obtained all applicable clearances.

    In particular, filmmakers must provide signed release forms for all
    on-camera talent and voiceovers. You must have a release for any and
    all persons whose recognizable likeness appears in your film, and for
    all other copyrighted works used in your film (including still images,
    3D objects, music or musical compositions). Each form must contain
    accurate contact information and an attached photo. Releases for minors
    (anyone under the age of 18, or under the age of 19 in Alabama or
    Nebraska) must be signed by the person's parent or guardian.

    # Procedural Guidelines (to make life easier):
    # To avoid delays and legal barriers, gather all signed release forms
    and written permissions before you begin shooting.
    # Any trademarked property or use of real property in your film must be
    # Any photos, footage, music or other copyrighted work used in your
    film must also be released. If you create you own music, you should
    still provide your own release.
    # No logos, signs or any other trademarks (other than those belonging
    to VSDA or Had To Be Made) should appear in your film. This includes
    trademarks appearing on clothing, props or other objects. If a mark or
    log must appear, it must be released.
    # You should obtain consent from the appropriate authorities before
    filming a public event.
    # Respect privacy: Avoid filming license plates, phone numbers or other
    personal information.
    Giles, Feb 6, 2006
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