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Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by PEnet Newsgroups, Jun 22, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    Surprise - a question from a new user of XP. I just bought a new EVO 800v
    notebook and it has XP Pro pre-installed. I am new to XP and networks in

    The problem is on the Start Menu. I have two shortcuts that are dead and I
    can't remove them. They are in the upper left-hand quadrant area on the xp
    start menu. When I click them a dialog pops up saying, "The item you
    selected is unavailable. ... Would you like to remove it from the list?" But
    when I select "Yes" nothing happens. Opening Properties from the context
    menu reveals a blank form and nothing can be entered - if I try I receive
    another 'friendly' message: "Can not 'modify' file. Can not read from source
    file or disk." The "Remove from this list" command on the context menu
    doesn't work either.

    I suspect it happen as I was experimenting with the new OS as I was creating
    and deleting new users, moving things around, and trying to get the feel of
    it. Since I am the sole user and will only occasionally be networking to my
    home desktop I have settled on one user with Admin privileges and installed
    all my programs to this user. At least for now - when I become better
    acquainted with the OS I may do it differently.

    So, how can I get rid of the "dead" shortcuts? Any help greatly appreciated.

    -- bill
    PEnet Newsgroups, Jun 22, 2003
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  2. PEnet Newsgroups

    Billh Guest

    If you right click do you get an option to unpin the item? Try that.
    Billh, Jun 22, 2003
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  3. Try right-clicking and selecting Unpin.
    Robert Schumacher, Jun 22, 2003
  4. PEnet Newsgroups

    UKALUM85 Guest

    I've had strange things like that happen with XP Pro and traced it to file

    Try opening the command prompt and typing chkdsk /f. It should say
    something like cannot get exclusive access to volume, and ask Do you want to
    do this at the next boot? (Y/N) (or something like that). Press Y and close
    the Command Prompt box. Reboot.

    This is a suggestion and not a cure. Hope it works.

    UKALUM85, Jun 22, 2003
  5. PEnet Newsgroups

    Plato Guest

    It's always a suggestion really. Even if you've done a "fix" on 20 PCs
    doesn't mean it will work as a fix to somebodies problem here.

    Ever see that commercial for this "used car lookup" thing to find out
    what folks did to their car? You know, the guy who lets his dog drive
    his truck into the pond?

    "Mother of Pearl !!!" hehe

    Anyway, some folks do some odd things with their PCs also like running 4
    anti-virus programs in the background whilst having 600 spyware items
    running and SETI, etc.
    Plato, Jun 22, 2003
  6. PEnet Newsgroups

    UKALUM85 Guest

    LOL. I know.

    UKALUM85, Jun 22, 2003
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