Streaming Audio/Video Crashes DSL/Cable Connection

Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Guy Quinn, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Guy Quinn

    Guy Quinn Guest

    Compaq 1650nx Desktop PC
    Comcast Cable Internet (previously SBC DSL)
    Linksys Wireless B Router (firmware current)

    A few months ago while using DSL, whenever I tried to listen to an audio
    clip or watch a video clip from a website (e.g.. Amazon), my DSL connection
    would instantly stop working (no audio/video stream, no e-mail, no IE).
    Only when I re-booted the Linksys router was I able to get back to normal -
    until I tried a video/audio clip again, and then the problem repeats itself.
    Last month, I switched to Comcast cable internet and, when only connected to
    my Compaq desktop PC without the router, I was able to watch/listen to
    streams with no problem. Now that I have re-connected my router, I'm having
    the same problem again. Very maddening to say the least. FYI - this also
    happens when using my IBM notebook.

    I have since reset the router and I have my home network up and running,
    except for this problem. Is there some setting in either the router setup
    menus and/or the desktop network connections that could be causing this?
    Also, as a slightly separate issue, I have noticed a reduction in download
    speed ( on my wireless notebook vs. my Compaq desktop (i.e.
    approx 4200 kbps Compaq vs. 3200 kbps IBM download speeds).

    Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
    Guy Quinn, Dec 31, 2005
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