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Discussion in 'Windows 64bit' started by Buggs1a, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. Buggs1a

    Buggs1a Guest

    Hi. I've got a pc with windows 7 ultimate x64. I've got a ps3 and xbox
    360 I need to stream all my audio and video to. I used to have vista
    ultimate and this worked fine. It was very easy to set up. I just right
    clicked on hard drive c and shared it. I enabled the media streaming in
    media player and told it to share the c drive as well as a few
    individual folders. My ps3 and xbox 360 worked fine just from that. I
    would go to the myxbox pane on it and select video. It saw the pc and I
    could browse videos and music etc. I did the same thing from my ps3 and
    it also had no problems accessing and playing music and video.

    How do I do this in windows 7 ultimate? It's totally different and much
    harder. I've tried sharing my c drive and enabling the streaming in
    media player yet it does not work on ps3 or xbox 360 even after allowing
    all devices without confirmation from media player. I allow all devices.
    I've even tried sharing the video library and adding the c drive and
    individual folders and still nothing.
    Buggs1a, Feb 3, 2010
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