Stream DVDs with full dolby digital from vob files possible? (extenders?)

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by markm75, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. markm75

    markm75 Guest

    I'm seeking a way to take my home videos or movies .. put them on a
    NAS or HD somewhere.. the VIDEO_TS and vob files.. and simply stream
    these to a tv somewhere that is hooked up to a slingbox or a media
    extender device (or xbox 360)..

    Are there any devices or software that will let this happen these

    I tried Tversity with the 360.. it doesnt stream the vob files with
    the full menu and all.. you have to first convert to mpeg2..

    My goal is to simply have these on a harddrive, vobs and all.. and
    stream to some device.. even if i have to buy another media extender
    that supports this idea?

    Thanks for any ideas...
    markm75, Nov 6, 2007
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  2. markm75

    Bill's News Guest

    Any reason not to use PCs?

    I'm using low profile DELL C521s (about $500 each with AMD2x64
    3800s a year or more ago) and ATI x1300 cards providing DVI
    connection to 42", 1080p60 LCDs.

    Replace the internal DVDs in the PCs with the "QuickSwap SATA II
    Hard Drive Bays" found at this site
    and use these drives,
    or similar, as pop-ins holding about 180 hours each of quality
    DVD or more than 60 hours of HD video from your camera.

    The C521s are quieter and cooler than the Motorola HDVRs they've
    replaced and fit in the same space under the TVs. I use USB
    wireless KB/TB, like this one
    (, to operate the PCs and
    VLC or MPC software to play videos.

    Streaming then, while available via wired router, is not
    necessary as each "player" is an interconnected PC with
    unlimited HDD capacity (10 of these drives take no more shelf
    space than a box of Kleenex).

    An eSATA DVD reader/writer reestablishes the functionality lost
    by replacing the internal drives.

    BTW, each PC is also equipped with to
    capture OTA or QAM HDTV, if you're interested in TV as a source
    of a/v as well.
    Bill's News, Nov 19, 2007
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  3. markm75

    markm75c Guest

    I've actually kinda done this sort of thing in the last 10 days..
    decided to run DVI to hdmi out of my pc into a $40 HDMI splitter..
    sending the signal to both my one (of two) lcds in my office, then
    through the wall and to the main tv (61") in the living room.

    I'd really prefer the simple remote control variety ability of a
    prefab box.. but this is too far off i guess, short of maybe the
    forthcoming slingcatcher.

    In my case.. when i switch to the tv in the livingroom, i have to
    lower the resolution down to 1080 from the higher (24" widescreen)
    resolution on the pc.. so this requires a profile switch in the nvidia
    control panel.. which no longer supports hot key switching.. so i must
    goto the pc to do this .. however.. i just found a registry tweak that
    may enable the classic panel.. ill find out tonight if this did the

    Still.. you need a keyboard in the other room and have to browse and
    launch the files manually.. what i'd really like is a front end for
    launching the vob (video_ts) folders off the harddrive.. so you just
    launch the FE.. then click on the movie you want.. this is my ideal
    thought.. which i may just have to code myself with c# if i cant find
    such an application.

    Finally.. if i were stuck using a keyboard out in the living room.. it
    would be nice to find a "natural" keyboard with mouse pad built in
    that was somewhat compact.. as i'm sure i'd be tempted to use the pc
    (screen) in the living room for more than movies
    markm75c, Nov 19, 2007
  4. markm75

    Bill's News Guest

    The wireless KB/TBs I'm using have some distance problems, but
    they've no problems with walls! The ATI x1300 video cards which
    I'm using support two monitors (in my case, an old 17" VGA
    1280x1024 monitor on a desk and a 42" DVI 1920x1080 about 14'
    away in the same room. Using the keyboard to access display
    properties on whichever screen is active allows me to switch to
    the other display before moving (or to extend the desktop to
    include both displays, when others want to use the TV while I'm
    using the monitor - in this case, I keep the KB and they use a
    remote control to the USB video capture device). There is no
    need to adjust display resolution since the video card
    understands the differences between the displays.

    The supporting program for the capture device also supports file
    playback as well as DVR functions, so its remote has some of the
    functionality of a keyboard. This is what makes extended desk
    top for different users practical. Despite the functions of
    the video remote, the KB is essential as it's not unusual to
    pull up a web page while in TV mode, or check an announced
    email, or tell the phone answering program to take a message, or
    make an entry into or dismiss a message from the tickler system.

    The system in the other room has only the 42" monitor, and the
    wireless KB in there is on a different frequency, so there's no
    conflict between KB users.

    I'll mention too that in both rooms I use hospital tray tables
    (similar to this
    The KB/TB combo is quite small but has a full set of typing keys
    that I don't fat-finger any more often than on the larger KBs;-)
    Bill's News, Nov 19, 2007
  5. markm75

    markm75c Guest

    You havent ever come across a FE software solution to provide a nice
    interface for selecting movies off a harddrive have you?

    I would have to think there is one or some out there.
    markm75c, Nov 20, 2007
  6. markm75

    Bill's News Guest

    I've no idea what "FE software" is? A quick tour via Goggle
    didn't enlighten me.

    I simply use Windows Explorer. What could be simpler?
    Bill's News, Nov 20, 2007
  7. markm75

    markm75c Guest

    Not very simple if you are someone who isnt fully computer literate
    and skilled (my wife for instance).. a simple FE (front end) app would
    be key to making this succeed in my house :)
    markm75c, Nov 21, 2007
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