Strangely "multilingual" release of "The Forgotten" DVD, others?

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Larry G, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Larry G

    Larry G Guest

    I recently purchased a copy of R1 "The Forgotten", which has a total of
    three audio languages: English (5.1), French (5.1), and Thai (5.1), in
    addition to subtitles in English, French, Thai, Korean, and Chinese. Even
    the documentary has Korean subtitling. This disc is interesting given its
    Asia-Pacificness for an R1 release.

    This makes it the most multilingual audio disc I own outside of "Willy Wonka
    and the Chocolate Factory" with English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese
    audio tracks.

    I was wondering are there any other R1 discs that have audio in languages
    such as the standard English, French, and to a lesser extant Spanish? Any
    with a Japanese or Chinese, or other unusual dub, for instance? Japanese
    anime, excepted of course.

    Also wondering if the commentary on the German R2 release of "Flightplan"
    will be in German or English. Thinking of getting an R2 disc to try out on
    my player since I found out it can be made region-free. I'm not sure if the
    director, Robert Schwentke, is German or an American born in Germany, given
    that his accent is so close to an American accent.

    Larry G, Mar 21, 2006
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