Strange New Seagate 750GB hard drive issues

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by FuSchnickens, May 2, 2008.

  1. FuSchnickens

    FuSchnickens Guest

    I’ve been trying to install my new Sata 750GB Seagate hard drive but
    I’ve been running into some issues. I started to installing Vista
    Ultimate on it. Once it started to boot from the cd an error blue
    screen came up saying check the new hard ware installed. I kept on
    getting that message. I popped the other hard drive back in to see if
    the drive was bad and got the same message. Then I put the new one
    back in and decided to try my other Vista cd and this one installed. I
    have 2 hard drives installed and both are partitioned. I installed
    Vista on the C drive and grabbed all the Vista updates. But after
    grabbing all the updates I noticed that some “page files” had been
    installed on the D drive and I could no longer format the drive thru
    Vista or change the drive letter. These page files were not there
    after a clean install of Vista. Only after getting the updates.How and
    why does this happen when I’m installing everything to the C drive. Is
    this normal? Lastly, I shut down my computer the last 2 nites and when
    I started it the next day I got a screen saying Windows could not be
    started. I pressed enter and came to another black screen showing the
    name of the operating system so I hit enter and everything started up
    normally. I’ve gotten this start error twice after the pc was shut
    down overnite. But when I do a restart of shutdown and restart it
    starts up fine. When it’s off a few hours I seem to get that message.
    FuSchnickens, May 2, 2008
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