Sterling Tek, New Mexico - Poor customer service

Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by Dougie, Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Dougie

    Dougie Guest


    I've noticed a number of posts mentioning Steling Tek, a mail order/
    internet based supplier. By way of warning may I recount my poor
    experience with this organisation.

    The following is a direct 'paste' from a letter sent 7 days ago (to
    which they have not yet replied.

    13/04/05 I won e-bay auction number 7506501366 a Nikon MH53 equivalent
    battery charger which operates from the 12v supply in a car, plus spare
    EN-EL1 battery. I paid the total sum of USD 38.98 by Pay-pal

    25/04/05 I received you consignment, only to discover that the wrong
    item had been sent, the battery was fine but the charger was the wrong
    model being solely designed for mains operation. I e-mailed your
    company immediately advising of the error and asking how the goods
    should be returned and how my postage costs would be refunded.

    26/04/05 After 1 reminder e-mail I was e-mailed a return form and to
    complete this and return this to you, no mention of refunding postage
    was made. I e-mailed back requesting confirmation of this point and
    seeking confirmation of whether to return both the charger and battery.
    After over 24 hours Mark e-mailed advising that both items should me
    returned and that postage would be refunded.

    28/04/05 The goods were returned to you

    04/05/05 The goods were received by you.

    14/05/05 I sent an e-mail requesting an update on the situation

    16/05/05 E-mail received from Sabrina advising that goods were
    received, but with no instructions from me. This is untrue as I
    returned your returns form with the items. Question: If you were unsure
    why did you not drop me an email, you sat on these goods for over 10
    days. This question was raised by return e-mail on the same day, again
    I requested confirmation of the postage refund.

    17/05/05 E-mail received mark claiming that the goods returned were as
    ordered - " were they defective?". At this point I began to loose
    patience and re-advised the situation in full and advised the unless
    the correct goods were returned, and confirmation of postage refund
    were received within 24 hours I would post negative feedback and file a
    Pay-al dispute. E-mail from Mark confirming goods would be re-shipped
    but mention of refund.

    19/05/05 I requested again confirmation of postage refund

    25/05/05 I posted negative feedback, advising you by e-mail and
    instigated a Pay-pal dispute. Getting nasty had some effect, after
    several e-mails between Mark and myself Mark admitted your error,
    blaming somebody in you 'receiving department' for passing on
    inaccurate information. Mark advised that he was now able to offer a
    refund, but was unable to do so due to the Pay-pal dispute being in

    27/05/05 The correct charger arrived, but no battery -again I
    immediately advised you by e-mail.

    30/05/05 Having had no response I sent a 'polite reminder'

    31/05/05 Still no response. 'Less than polite reminder sent'
    additional 'rude' e-mail sent to ''

    1/06/05 Still no communication, however I received a chatty e-mail
    about your photo competition. A red rag to a bull I'm afraid a
    further nasty email sent in response.

    Since then they have agreed to resend the missing battery (not yet
    received) they are refusing to refund the postage despite promisng to
    do so, and are lying (possibly unintentionally) in their responses to

    I beginning to suspect that they are a much smaller outfit than they
    claim to be - I think there are about 3 people using a variety of
    pseudonyms on e-mails :)

    While my experience may be a one off, I would be interested to know if
    others have had similar problems.

    Obviously it would be great if somebody from Sterling Tek could add
    their comments, bearing in mind that I do have full documentary
    evidence to support my dispute

    Dougie, Jun 9, 2005
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  2. Dougie

    Mark B. Guest

    I recently ordered 4 BP511 replacement batteries from SterlingTek, and my
    experience was just the opposite. The package shipped within 24 hours and I
    had it within a couple days. The batteries work great to boot.

    Mark B., Jun 10, 2005
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  3. Dougie

    Dougie Guest


    In the interests of fairness I will report that I have now received a
    reply to my letter and they have refunded the postage I have been
    chasing for weeks


    Mark B. wrote:
    > I recently ordered 4 BP511 replacement batteries from SterlingTek, and my
    > experience was just the opposite. The package shipped within 24 hours and I
    > had it within a couple days. The batteries work great to boot.
    > Mark
    Dougie, Jun 10, 2005
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