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    This guide will show you how to convert video from a DVD (can main
    movies/feature or extras) to MP4 files (or AVC/H264) to store on a
    Memory Stick Pro Duo and watch on a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP)
    console. This guide is for new PSP users who want to save a few bucks
    by converting their movies or TV Show DVDs themselves, as opposed to
    buying the same content again on a UMD disc.

    What are the capabilities of Wondershare DVD to PSP Ripper?
    Wondershare DVD to PSP Ripper can open a DVD folder stored on your Hard
    Disk Drive or rip DVD from DVD disk and then give you an option of what
    you want to convert to MP4. But there is a problem. Many forums was
    forced to remove content that provided details on copy protection
    circumvention (even though they were meant for use while making legal
    backups and other processes protected by fair use) and tools that were
    capable of circumvention to comply with Finnish copyright laws that
    went into effect on January 1st 2006. For this reason, this guide
    cannot provide you with in depth details rip DVDs and assumes that your
    DVD is already unprotected (or already ripped) to your HDD.

    How to convert (rip) DVD to PSP

    1) Download, install and run Wondershare DVD to PSP Ripper.
    You can download from here
    You can know more about it by referring here

    image: images/psp-2-1.gif

    2) Import DVD File(s)
    After you insert the DVD disk into the DVD-ROM drive, click the button
    on the left up corner to select the DVD-ROM drive, and then the
    software will auto rip the DVD files from the DVD-ROM drive. Or click
    the second button on the left up corner to import DVD files from your
    hard disk. Or double click on the blank area in the center of the main
    interface to import video files from your DVD-ROM drive.

    image: images/psp-2-3.gif

    3) Parameters Settings
    You're allowed to set the video and audio parameters for the export
    according to your individual needs, different settings may lead to
    differentia in the file size and output quality. Based on the aspect
    ration of the video source Wondershare DVD to PSP Ripper will choose
    automatically the most proper resolution for optimum video playback on
    PSP display. Nevertheless you can manually select which resolution you
    want. PSP allows you to change Screen Mode to display 320x240
    resolution video in different zoom, aspect ratios. For non-320x240
    resolutions, PSP will always display in full screen. The resolution
    supported by Sony PSP is limited to 76800 pixels. So only 320x240,
    368x208, and 400x192 are valid resolutions.
    Additional, there are many other option setting for you. For example,
    Frame rate, Video Bit rate, Audio Bit rate, etc. You can set it
    according to your requirement. If you want to know the difference
    between xVID & H.264, you can check here

    image: images/psp-2-4.gif

    4) Select the output folder
    The Others tab in the settings panel allows you to edit the additional
    settings, such as select output folder.

    image: images/psp-2-5.gif

    5) Select Sub Title
    If the DVD files provides different Sub title, you can select one from
    the drop down list according to your desire, or you can select <No Sub
    Title>, then no Sub Title would be include in the converted files.

    image: images/psp-2-6.gif

    6) Select Audio
    If the DVD files provides different Audio track, you can select one
    from the drop down list according to your desire.

    image: images/psp-2-7.gif

    7) Rename the output file. Or just leave it as original.

    image: images/psp-2-8.gif

    8) Start Conversion
    After you finishing the option and output setting. You can select which
    chapter you want to convert in the title list or leave it as original
    to convert all chapters. When all the things done, click Start to
    Convert the DVD.

    9) Transfer to PSP

    iamge: images/psp-2-9.gif

    When the process finishes click the fourth button on the top of the
    main interface to open the PSP files manager.
    1. The default output folder is C:\Program Files\Wondershare\DVD to
    PSP Ripper\Output\
    Click the button to refresh the conversion files.
    2. After connect the PSP to PC. Click the button to transfer the
    conversion file to PSP, make sure there is enough space to save the
    files. Click the information can show the transfer log.

    1. How to play MP4 file on computer?
    You can install QuickTime or VLC player to play MP4 video files on your

    2. DVD subtitle (sub picture), language:
    It is recommended to use the native DVD menu in the preview panel to
    set subtitle (sub picture) and language. You may also change the
    subtitle (sub picture), language in the program's Options menu, but
    there are some DVDs that require the change must be made in the native
    DVD menu instead of the program's menu.

    3. Ghosting Effect on PSP screen:
    Ghosting visual effect is subjective. Some people are more sensitive to
    this visual effect, especially when the picture displayed is in dark
    scenes. This is because the refresh rate of a PSP LCD screen is lower
    than the rate of a normal PC monitor. When the PSP video is also in the
    low fps (15 frames per second), some people may see ghosting effect. In
    this case, try to convert PSP video using 29.97 fps settings (in the
    Option menu) to reduce this effect.

    4. Video Frame Rate
    Known as Frame per Second (FPS). It refers to the number of pictures
    displayed in 1 second in order to form continuous motions. The default
    frame rate is 15 fps (14.985 actually). You may choose 30fps (29.97
    actually) get more continuums motions. According to Sony PSP's
    specification, the hardware only supports the above two settings
    (14.985 and 29.97).
    When selecting 30fps, increase the movie quality and size a little bit.
    This is because more frames need some amount of additional motion data
    to be stored.

    5. Crop DVD Clips
    After loading the DVD files to be converted, double click at the name
    of the file object in the source list. You'll be prompt with the
    following panel, you can drag the slider to set the start and end point
    freely, or type in the time manually, and then only the desired section
    of the DVDs will be converted.

    6. Format
    This software provides two encoder---- xVID & H.264. You can select any
    one according to your need. The same source video, xVid need less time
    to convert, but H.264 has better quality. You can check different
    conversion effect of this two formats by referring here.

    7. Audio Bit rate (in Kbits per second)
    Audio bit rate refers to how many data storage is allocated to store
    audio signals. The higher audio bit rate, the better audio quality.
    There are 4 audio quality modes to choose: 56kbps, 64kbps, 96Kbps,

    8.Audio Volume
    You can set a proper volumes of the export from the drop down list, the
    available ratio range is from 0% to 200%. Once 0% is selected, the
    audio track in the source file will be ignored.

    Finish my guide, I wish you can know more about how to convert (rip)
    DVD to PSP. Enjoy our PSP funnier. Have a nice day :)
    ivan, May 17, 2006
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