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Discussion in 'Wireless Networking' started by Tom Brown, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Tom Brown

    Tom Brown Guest

    I have been on a wireless network for nearly two years with a Dell XP Home
    SP2 system and a Buffalo WLI-CB-G54 PCMCIA card. It has worked fine up
    until about two weeks ago when it started acting strange. I do not know
    what triggered the change.

    It would connect just fine except the icon in the task bar had a red X and
    when I double-clicked on the icon, it told me there were no wireless
    networks found in range. But, I was able to connect just fine. I should
    mention that I am in a hotel on a floor with about 40 other people I work
    with and all of them are able to access the wireless network.

    I got tired of looking at that red X, so I decided to fix it. Bad move. I
    tried to delete the Wireless network but was told I could not delete it.
    Just now, I had the thought that I probably needed to remove the card to do
    that. But, I just went into the Device Manager and removed the network
    adapter for the wireless card.

    I guess I should mention that I also have had a system restore problem for a
    month that I had not resolved until today. It would always hang while
    setting a System Restore point.

    When the computer rebooted and it saw the card and tried to reinstall the
    drivers, it got hung on the part where it first makes a restore point. So,
    at that time I decided to stop the Restore Services, restart it, and then
    reinstall the System Restore.inf file. This solved the problem of the
    hanging system restore but it also wiped out all the previous points.

    But, now I am unable to connect to the wireless network at all. I swapped
    cards with one of my coworkers and my card works just fine in his machine
    but his card did not work in mine. So, it appears that its my machine and
    not the card of network. I suspect I am missing some critical system files
    but I can't remember how to run the command to check for missing files.

    Is there a way to reinstall the OS without formatting the disk? I would
    just like to repair the OS.

    Also, IPCONFIG shows that the wireless Media State is Disconnected. Any
    help will be appreciated.

    Tom Brown, Apr 4, 2005
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  2. Tom Brown

    Bob Noble Guest

    Is there a way to reinstall the OS without formatting the disk? I would
    Yes there is. But have you tried the wireless wizard in control panel?

    Here is what you do to install the operating system over the top of itself,
    without formatting.
    Put the xp cd in your cd and restart the machine. The machine needs to boot
    from the xp cd, so you may have to change the bios so it will.
    When it boots to the xp cd, it will ask if you want to use the repair
    console to do a repair, or install xp.
    Choose install xp. The next window will ask if you want windows to repair
    the windows installation or do you want to install a fresh copy of xp.
    Choose let windows repair the windows installation.
    Follow the on screen stuff. This will load windows over the top of itself,
    without formatting.
    Choosing load a fresh copy of windows will load a new copy of xp, formatting
    and losing all your data.

    Have fun.
    Bob Noble, Apr 5, 2005
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  3. Tom Brown

    Tom Brown Guest


    Thanks for the reply.

    You asked if I had tried the Wireless Wizard. The name of my current
    (disconnected) network is Wirless Network 10! Yes, many times.

    Ok, I will repair the installation but again, I have "issues." I am in
    Korea for a month and my original WinXP Home is ... well, at home .... in
    the USA. But, many of my friends over here have XP Pro. If I use one of
    their CD's for a REPAIR, is there any way to reset it to my Key when I get
    home? Or, can I repair that Pro repair with a Home repair when I get home?

    I will say that those instructions you gave me appear to be a bit confusing.
    It's no wonder people accidentally screw up their systems. You say it will
    ask me if I want to use the Repair Console to do a repair? Well, silly me,
    I would have said YES to that question. But, you say to choose Install and
    then it will give me another chance to Repair. I hate to be suspicious but
    I will trust what you say. Maybe you can tell I have accidentally formatted
    a disk in the past by giving the wrong answer. If I see "fresh install" I
    am backing out ... if it's not too late. <g>

    Thanks again for the help.

    Tom Brown, Apr 5, 2005
  4. Tom Brown

    Bob Noble Guest

    Hi Tom,
    I'm not sure you can do a repair of windows home with windows xp pro, and
    back again.
    I think this may be asking for more trouble? :O)

    The Repair Console is a Dos looking thing that you have to type commands
    for. The, Let windows do the repair, is the one that loads windows over the
    top of itself and on the same page, the number two choice, is fresh install
    and it will warn you about losing all your data if you try to use this one.

    I also don't remember if you need the key to install over the top of itself?

    And hey, I've lost a bit of data in my time too. The only thing you can do
    when this happens is kick yourself in the butt. :O) But rest assured, you
    will be warned more then once if you try to take the format path.
    Bob Noble, Apr 7, 2005
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