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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by ccooper, Jul 18, 2013.

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    Jul 18, 2013
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    For some reason the Static Ip that has been assigned to me by my ISP changes within 24 to 48 of when it assigned. The ISP says that it is nothing on their end, so I am racking my brains trying to figure out what (if anything) on my end is causing it. Here is my set up:

    Network configuration/flow

    ISP network ---Assigned ISP ---ISP Modem----Trendnet TEW 692GR Router----LAN Homebuilt Server (running AD, DNS, DHCP,IIS)----Clients/Devices (LAN connected Computer and a LAN connected switch to Tivo, WII, and Home Theater/Blu-ray, Wireless connected Roku, Tivo, and Printer)

    The ISP Static Ip is the Ip that I pay for. The ISP assigns that to me through the MAC address of my router. So say if the MAC address of my Router changes, then I would not have internet access. Also, if the modem resets and it does not see the MAC address from my router, a new dynamic Ip is issues to me.

    The Router is set up as Static assigned WAN Ip(as opposed to DHCP WAN Ip), and the DCHP built in server has been disabled (the DHCP server is used through my homebuilt server).

    My homebuilt server seems to be running correctly (using windows server 2008 r2). There are no major errors in my logs for all 4 services (except a few warnings like enabling scavenging, setting up an Ip6 connection, etc.). All of my devices are receiving a dynamic IP from my DHCP as they should be.

    So here is the exact problem. After the ISP assigns my Static IP (through the MAC address of my Router), within 24 to 48 hours something kicks that off and I get a new dynamic Ip from my ISP. I no longer have network internet access. However I can get local machine internet access if I connect my modem directly to the machine.

    Would any of my devices through DHCP on my server cause this disconnection (say if I am streaming video from one of TIVOs to the other TIVO)? Is it more likely an issue with my router? Given this configuration could it be soemthign on their end?

    Thanks in advance
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    ccooper, Jul 18, 2013
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