Start your Own "Data Recovery" Business, beacome a Data Recovery Professional

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Author Tarun Tyagi, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Hi !!
    I am the Author of World's First Book on Professional Data Recovery
    Programming Book, titled "Data Recovery with and without Programming"
    (see contents on

    I provide ONLINE Professional Data Recovery Training and I've a
    completely structured trainning Program in a systematic way,
    consideraring the least expenses to
    start the work. The Trainning includes Both the cases:

    # Physical Data Loss cases
    # Logical Data Loss cases including: Hard Drive, Pen Drive, Flash
    Drive, Memory Cards, Floppies, Zip Drives etc.

    it is a 7 Days Duration Training within which, you'll learn how to
    establish an EXPERT Data Recovery Center.

    For more Details please visit my website link:


    Some of the Professionals who have got training from me are running
    active DRCs (Data Recovery Centers) in UK, Taiwan, Germany and France
    and some more locations (including India)...

    This Fee is for complete 7 Days Training, including Books and study
    materials, Data Recovery Software, Guidance for establishing the
    complete infrastructure. There are many more Facts and truths of
    working and running a Data Recovery Center, where you may need (secret
    kind of) help :eek:) Which you should also know. However, it is not good
    to discuss such resources in a
    formal mail.

    As we'll start discussion, you'll start realizing that the things are
    not so difficult, if you're proceeding in right direction If you've
    any Query please feel free to mail me.

    Tarun Tyagi
    J-110, Patel Nagar - 1,
    Ghaziabad (U.P.), India - 201001.
    Cell: (+91)9810191117
    Author Tarun Tyagi, Nov 11, 2004
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  2. Author Tarun Tyagi


    Apr 3, 2009
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    These tips are written for those who plan to open a data recovery business. Read these tips before you open up a shop.

    As a specialist in data recovery world, you know many causes of data loss.

    Logical Problems(42%):
    Inexperienced&operation error
    Software program malfunction
    Forgotten password

    Physics Problems(58%):
    Hard Drive with "Clicking"
    Drive spin motor fault
    PCBA damage
    Bad sector
    Firmware / ROM damage
    System Area defect

    By Using professional Data recovery softwares: such as R-stido,Final Data,Easy Recovery etc, you can do most of logical recoveries no matter what case you meet. Then people will start calling you , bringing you recognition and leadership in the profession and more business to your company without doubt.

    Want to get more from every hard drives?
    With Data Compass, you can complete the incredibly hard work easily. You can solve most of the physics hard drive problems by yourself! Now, you can earn 50% more with 10% less time and labor than before.

    What can Data Compass do?
    Data recovery from physically damaged HDDs is what Data Compass designed for.
    • Data recovery from HDDs with severe multiple BAD sectors, which appear because of platter surface scratch or malfunction or instability of the magnetic head assembly (MHA).

    • Data recovery from HDDs that start to produce "clicking" sounds, which may be caused by corruption of sector servo labels or a MHA malfunction. If some heads or surfaces are damaged it is possible (before installation of MHA replacement) to create a copy of data using the remaining good surfaces or drive heads.

    • Availability of tools for logical analysis of FAT and NTFS file systems in the software complex allows data recovery in cases, when a drive is functional and only logical data structure is corrupted.

    • When used with malfunctioning drives, Data Compass complex often allows selective extraction of data necessary to your customers without reading all data from a drive ("recover data by file" without creating a complete disk image) saving a lot of time. In some cases, when drive malfunctions cause constant self-damage (like scratches on disks or instable MHA) these are the only means to accomplish this task. With the ShadowDisk technology adopted, users need not to worry about the drive degradation problem.
    Get more:
    salvationxue, Apr 3, 2009
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