Star Wars, the GOUT edition...

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Venger, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Venger

    Venger Guest


    Buy 'em. You have received the all clear. Perfect? No. Lazy? Yes. Worth it?

    Compare what we've been given in various releases from LD to SE:DVD to
    finally, GOUT:DVD here:

    If you want to see Star Wars like it was before Lucas went insane like
    Howard Hughes, get these.

    These are worth watching over the SE's just to get proper music editing -
    the scene of the X-Wings rolling in to begin the Death Star attack in the
    original is pitch perfect, as is most of the music during those scenes,
    because the score was properly mixed. Watch the SE and the soundtrack
    disappears under overamplified sound effects - it totally undercuts the

    I was skeptical, but I popped these in and watched them, 71" 1080i screen -
    and they looked pretty good! And the 2.0 is easily processed into a Neo:6
    DTS or other if you want, or just enjoy the 2.0 digital - sounds very good.

    Go to the screenshots page above, and see just how colorwarped the
    post-breakdown Lucas editing job is - watched GOUT last night, the mangled
    SE tonight - two things are so obvious, black crush is oppressive in the SE,
    Star Wars doesn't have any bloody stars... and the colors are VASTLY
    oversaturated in the SE, to the point it's freakish. Color temperature is
    crazy in the SE's, and while it helps white crush, it ruins the picture, in
    my opinion...

    Leaving aside the travesty of expository scenes and dialogue being added to
    the SE, it's just an overproduced, overwrought, overthought massaging the
    films didn't need. Everything wrong with the prequels is sprinkled on the
    Originals in the SE's.

    But the new DVD's with their original trilogy release - like gold.

    Get GOUT. You'll love it.

    P.S. The only totally bugged out thing on this release is - the damn MENUS
    on the GOUT disc are anamorphic, but since the transfer isn't, you have to
    fiddle with your screen metrics between menu and movie - that SUCKS. But
    it's livable to get the best version of TOT released to date...
    Venger, Sep 16, 2006
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  2. Venger

    Clams Canino Guest

    I'll call your one foul here.

    GL *wanted* the Solo/Jabba scene in ANH, but the effects just looked too
    shitty to let it pass the 1st round. Unlike *other* changes.. he intended
    this to be there from the beginning.

    Clams Canino, Sep 16, 2006
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  3. Venger

    Venger Guest

    It still looks shitty. Han is talking to air. Frankly, that's not the most
    offensive of the additions... that's the kind of added scene that doesn't
    really ruin the film. Until the next version where Jabba shoots first...

    Venger, Sep 16, 2006
  4. I don't think it is that clear cut. On, about 50% of
    people are saying they have bought them.

    It is marginally better than the best bootlegs.

    On the other hand it introduces one small, but stupid new problem - in
    the infamous cantina scene, the subtitles are off the screen if you have
    (as normal people do) zoomed the picture to full width.
    Aaron Lawrence, Sep 17, 2006
  5. Venger

    Venger Guest

    The screencaps I linked are irrefutable - there is no LD boot that compares.
    I would argue the margin is quite notable. It is inarguable that the best
    quality version of the original, unaltered, unscrewedup trilogy are the
    bonus discs.
    Just another fist in the ass from Lucas. The guy has issues. I assume that
    the subtitles are when Greedo and Han are talking? Just like the
    passive-aggressive Lucas to find a way to make sure that scene is STILL
    screwed up. "They wanted the original, well here they go".

    If a word was ever coined for a lone man, then dildo was coined for Lucas.

    Venger, Sep 17, 2006
  6. Venger

    Flip Wilson Guest

    Forgive my ignorance, but what does GOUT stand for?
    Flip Wilson, Sep 17, 2006
  7. Venger

    GMAN Guest

    Actually that is a little unfair to dildo's everywhere. At least a dildo
    serves a usefull purpose, Lucass does not.
    GMAN, Sep 17, 2006
  8. Venger

    Roger Zoul Guest

    Susan Bartholomew wrote:
    :: Flip Wilson wrote:
    ::: Forgive my ignorance, but what does GOUT stand for?
    :: I've wondered this, too! I think it's (something that starts with G)
    :: Original Unaltered Trilogy...

    Generally Original Unaltered Trilogy?
    Roger Zoul, Sep 18, 2006
  9. I've wondered this, too! I think it's (something that starts with G)
    Original Unaltered Trilogy...
    Susan Bartholomew, Sep 18, 2006
  10. Venger

    Venger Guest


    Venger, Sep 18, 2006
  11. Venger

    Von Fourche Guest

    I remember seeing The Empire Strikes Back in the theaters. When Darth
    Vader invades Hoth, he pointes to the Millennium Falcon and says "I want
    that ship." Has that scene been put back in the original release?
    Von Fourche, Sep 18, 2006
  12. (George Lucas contracted cancer on radioactive shooting locations and
    became hypochondriac?) 0_o??

    Derek Janssen (I never would've guessed!)
    Derek Janssen, Sep 18, 2006
  13. Venger

    Luke Hooft Guest

    Are you sure that's ever been in any cut of the film? I had a friend who
    remembered that line being in the film in that scene too, but it's actually
    in the read-along audio cassette/book he had as a kid - something like that
    can get mixed up in your memory. I'm not saying you're wrong, but a lot of
    people misremember movies based on spin-offs like books (with or without
    read-along audio tape/record), comics, trailers and teasers, making-of
    specials and trading cards, where things that were cut from the final film
    still can be found.

    Luke Hooft, Sep 18, 2006
  14. Venger

    Von Fourche Guest

    I have an image of it in my head - Vader and his troops walk into that
    area where all the space ships are parked. Right when the Falcon blasts off
    and out of the cave base Vader points his finger at the Falcon and says I
    Want That Ship.

    I've mentioned it on other forums and most don't seem to remember it. I
    would almost bet my left arm it was actually in the film. But who knows, it
    was a long time ago.
    Von Fourche, Sep 19, 2006
  15. Venger

    Venger Guest

    Only line like that I know of is "I want that ship, not excuses."

    How could he point at it when they invade Hoth, it was in a flight hangar
    and they take off in it time to blast Vader with some exhaust. I saw it in
    the theater too, and don't recall that line - in fact, the pacing and score
    don't really leave a place for that dialogue to take place.

    Though it fits with Lucas' inability to do anything but provide banal
    expository dialogue...

    Venger, Sep 19, 2006
  16. Venger

    Justin Guest

    Aaron Lawrence wrote on [Sun, 17 Sep 2006 23:55:38 +1200]:
    zoomed them in? You mean zoomed the widescreen in to lame-o cheapo p&S?

    Normal people don't do that, idiots do that.
    Justin, Sep 20, 2006
  17. Venger

    Luke Hooft Guest

    Nope, not at all. He means zooming in the lame-o cheapo 4:3 letterbox format
    so that the widescreen image actually reaches the edges of a widescreen TV.

    Luke Hooft, Sep 20, 2006
  18. Venger

    Justin Guest

    Luke Hooft wrote on [Wed, 20 Sep 2006 11:29:59 +0930]:
    Aaaaah. Gotcha. I can see that being an issue.
    Are the subtitles hard subbed then?
    Justin, Sep 20, 2006
  19. Venger

    fredman Guest

    Apparantly so - hard subbed into the 4:3 area below the movie frame. I
    can 'cure' this in my 4:3 HiScan by viewing on a player via component,
    which allows you to select a 4:3 image for non-anamorphic discs. My
    other player, via HDMI/DVI displays it framed within the letterbox
    area in the 4:3 screen - which is what most modern setups will get on
    their widescreens. Great. Now non-anamorphic discs suck even more
    when you upgrade. BTW, I also thought he was doing what an
    acquaintence of mine did when he upgraded his set: he didn't like the
    piller-boxing of 4:3 material on his 16:9 set, so he S T R E T C H E S
    the image to fit the screen, and then has the gall to sit there and
    watch it as if it's normal. Now, THAT is wrong... Cheers.
    fredman, Sep 20, 2006
  20. I think Moth3r and Citizen PAL transfers come quite close. Yes, the
    difference is noticeable, but I think it's still small.
    Also, the extra noise/grain partially undoes the improved resolution.
    Aaron Lawrence, Sep 20, 2006
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