[Star Wars DVDs]: Yet another alteration discovered!

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by JF Sebastian, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. JF Sebastian

    JF Sebastian Guest

    From schwartz.net...

    Yesterday, George Sandurz first reported to us he felt the color of
    Darth Vaders longjohns was recoloured from black to black black on the
    new copy of the Star Wars Episode IV DVD. He said he double-checked his
    own Original Darth Vader[tm] merchandise Longjohns[tm] and was sure they
    were right, but the other guy's pants still appeared blacker than the
    usual black. Today, druidia.com reported in every disgusting detail
    about this, also saying the pants were completely recoloured - and not
    only on the rear side as usual.
    Prior to publishing this, we asked Lucasfilm for a statement on it. We
    just received it:

    "We are always annoyed with how closely those idiots calling themselves
    fans watch to the many different pants we have made for the Star Wars
    movies over the years. It is flattering to know that, indeed, the
    audience is brain dead enough to even check people's underpants instead
    of just enjoying a great movie.
    Of course, after each wash pants come out differently, but any changes
    that you see on the all-new THX-double-sealed-and-approved Dolby Digital
    5.1 Surround EX Lucas' Owns LJs on the Star Wars Trilogy DVD set are
    deliberate creative decisions. We can confirm that there are no
    technical glitches as has been reported.
    And make sure you buy the new set of Darth Vader condoms, now with the
    Does-it-Glow?[tm] technology - for your very own light saber. Still
    available: Leia's toilet paper, the true Toilet Home Xperience."

    If the pants are indeed recoloured, this is a very curious creative
    decision. As everybody heads out starting tonight to get their DVDs, it
    remains to be seen if they agree with these particular creative
    decisions or not. We're anxious to hear from readers when you do get a
    chance to check it out in your own homes. Personally, I'd preferred red
    lingerie under the black coat. Maybe next time.
    JF Sebastian, Sep 21, 2004
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  2. LOL! Now that was funny. Disturbing, yet funny.
    Brian The Demolition Man Little, Sep 21, 2004
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  3. From schwartz.net...
    LOL! Good One!

    'I seen in the distance silver mountains rising high in the clouds, and a voice
    from above did whisper some shining answer from the moon. "Please forgive me. I
    never meant to hurt you." You are forgiven.'

    The Golden Path - The Chemical Brothers
    Electro Robo Boogie Bot, Sep 21, 2004
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