now carries all the major brands of SSL certificates

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    0 is one of the leading providers of SSL certificates, wildcard certificates, Verisign certificates, InstantSSL certificates, and a host of other digital SSL certificates. Now, you can get almost all the major brands of SSL certificates. The partners of include Verisign, XRamp, COMODO, thawte,, GeoTrust and many more. They are helping many businesses all over the world in making all their Internet transactions very secure. offer SSL certificates that are suitable to all types of businesses. For small businesses, they have standard SSL certificates. These certificates are perfectly suitable for small to medium sized websites where there is no necessity of very high-level security. For web sites that require the utmost level of trust and confidence to be displayed to the customers, they have premium SSL certificates. These premium SSL certificates are High-assurance SSL certificates. They perfectly and fully validate the web site domain and the organization.

    However, if the customers want to test the SSL certificates in true environments before they actually buy them, they have got Free SSL Certificates. These Free SSL Certificates allows the customer to test SSL in their test environment prior to rolling out a SSL certificate in their production environment. Customers will also have an opportunity to experience creating a CSR, enrolling and installing a digital certificate for a particular brand of SSL certificates.

    They also have Verification/Compliance certificates to offer to our customers. These Verification/Compliance certificates allow businesses to verify specific customer data during non-face-to-face transactions, utilize additional data points for fraud detection, and comply with government policies.

    “We are happy that we are meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers quite consistently, since our inception. With the experience they are getting from our company, our customers are acting as brand ambassadors for us and are getting great amount of sales to our business. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and I would also promise them even more satisfaction in the coming future.”

    -----Jade Chaney, Vice-President,

    “I am very proud that is offering all the major brands of SSL certificates. This is definitely a major achievement and a moment of joy for us. This would not have been possible without help from our partners and from our esteemed customers. We are also quite happy that our customers are using our blog to a great advantage. We are looking forward for tremendous growth in the coming future”

    ----- Leo Grove, President,
    jenny, Nov 30, 2006
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