Springsteen "Live in Barcelona" vs. U2's "Go Home Live" dvds

Discussion in 'DVD Video' started by Thomas Bell, Nov 19, 2003.

  1. Thomas Bell

    Thomas Bell Guest

    Both great live documents of their respective tours:

    Bruce's release is the better looking, far cleaner video of the two. I
    prefer the direction and editing of Bruce's show over the U2 dvd
    although I wish there wasn't so much emphasis on tight close-ups of his
    face. The U2 dvd features more of an MTV quick-cut style of direction
    that I don't really care for.

    I also like the sound mix a bit better on Bruce's dvd then the mix on
    the U2 dvd. As some other recent concert dvds, the U2 dvd's DTS track
    isn't as aggressive and full as the Dolby Digital 5.1 track. I don't
    know why this has become some kind of trend, but most of the pre-2001
    music dvds that have a dts track usually sound much better in dts then
    DD 5.1. The audio on the U2 dvd suffers a bit due to some pretty
    noticable white noise type distortion that seems to bleed through Bono's
    mic that is really evident on "Until The End Of The World" and some
    other songs. This may have something to do with the band's reported
    initial reluctance to release this show until supposedly an online
    petition convinced them to put it out.

    I was thinking it was kind of redundant for U2 to release another
    Elevation tour video after releasing the 2 dvd set featuring a show in
    Boston in early 2001 but after watching the Slane video, it really is a
    different show despite the fact that only a few songs are different then
    the "Live in Boston" dvd and there's barely 6 month's between the shows.

    Although I prefer the Boston dvd to the Slane one, mainly because I like
    the Boston setlist better, the Slane show has a *lot* more emotion and
    depth due to two key factors, the death of Bono's father a couple weeks
    before the show and the obviously festive atmosphere of such a huge
    show. In addition, performances of songs like Sunday Bloody Sunday and
    Kite are far superior to those on the Boston dvd.

    The U2 dvd wins out in the extras department, mostly because the main
    extra is the old but excellent "Making of the Unforgettable Fire Album"
    documentary. It's rather bizarre that the song "Mysterious Ways" is
    included as a "bonus" song and cut from the actual show. I understand
    the band felt it really didn't belong in the place in the set (it was
    played after "Pride" that show) but it's a rather unique performance and
    includes Bono's teenage daughter dancing on-stage and with her dad.
    Unfortunately, it only has a stereo pcm audio track.

    The "Rising Tour" documentary is pretty dull, and really doesn't include
    anything special as far as performances. It would have been nice to have
    maybe 4 or 5 complete songs not on the Barcelona show from various shows
    from the rehearsal right up to the final show. It kinda bites that they
    didn't include the actual video to te acoustic version of "Countin' on a
    Miracle" and simply used the audio for the end credits of the show.

    It's nice that Springsteen finally released a complete show in the
    setlist's actual running order unlike the "Live in NYC" dvd from a
    couple years ago that had the songs shuffled in a completely diferent
    order then what was played that night. The Barcelona show features some
    choice rarities and the standard songs are played with plenty of energy.
    It's great to finally have an official live version of "She's The One"
    and a smoking version at that. The Barcelona audience is really into the
    concert and greatly enhances this show.

    Both discs of the Springsteen Barcelona dvd have problems with the menu
    depending on certain players. Disc 2 worked fine on my Toshiba player
    while I couldn't access the secondary menus on my pc dvd player. A lot
    of complaints about disc 2's menu have been posted on the Springsteen

    Really though, it's a draw with the fan of these artists winning out due
    to both outstanding shows coming out on dvd the same day.

    Thomas Bell, Nov 19, 2003
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  2. Thomas Bell

    TSKO Guest

    Springsteen's dvd may be lacking in the "extras" department....but if u get
    all the way through the "mini documentary"....there is a great rockin song
    from Fenway Park that he did....comes right after the docs credits.....dont
    miss out..its great
    TSKO, Nov 19, 2003
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  3. Thomas Bell

    Thomas Bell Guest

    Yeah, the "Night of the Living Boss" clip which is the cover of "Diddy
    Wa Diddy" is pretty cool and a possible taste of perhaps even more dvd
    releases of shows from the stadium tour being released at some point in
    the future as several were professionally shot. BTW, that clip is online
    at Springsteen's official website.

    Thomas Bell, Nov 19, 2003
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