Spotting Seedy Recruiting Firms

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by Curious George, Jan 30, 2005.

  1. Dear Colleagues:

    To those out there whose first response to this is to protest about my
    excessive cross-posting, please accept my apologies but I believe that the
    subject matter contained herein is important enough that it warrants the
    greatest possible amount of discussion.

    Some of you may be like me - an IT professional who managed to survive the
    US's post-dot-com frenzy of downsizing, outsourcing and belt-tightening -
    not to mention the recession! Perhaps you are looking to get out of where
    you are for various reasons, including having to deal with employers who
    have gotten so accustomed to belt tightening that they don't realize that
    its time to start spending money again on new technologies which, this time
    around, will play a more significant part in the economic recovery than ever
    in history - no, this is not the introduction to some online get rich quick

    We prepare our resumes, cautiously answer a few ads, have a few interviews
    but still want to find something a bit more lucrative. So we turn to
    staffing companies in the hopes that they will be able to find something for
    us. I have nothing against them and believe that a good recruiter can be a
    tremendous asset to both employer and employee alike - my problem is with
    the charlatans who psyche you up with their "tremendous opportunities"
    pitch, get you to waste your time with phone calls or so-called "screening
    interviews" only to make you realize that they could care less about pairing
    you up with the right employer - you are just a number to them and whether
    or not you actually get a job through them seems irrelevant. You could have
    all the qualifications under the sun, but if you run into one of these
    agencies, you stand a greater chance of finding the right job by throwing
    your resume from a highrise. There are even a few who say that (for a fee)
    they will "market" you to employers. . . hey, doesn't that line of bullshit
    belong to the multilevel marketing scammers?

    The topic that I would like this thread to discuss is how to spot a real
    "headhunter" (who sets up relationships that are beneficial to all parties)
    and the "other types" (who seem to prey upon people looking for work).

    Thanks (and apologies if applicable) to all those who may become a part of
    this discussion.

    Curious George
    Curious George, Jan 30, 2005
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  2. Curious George

    Agent_C Guest


    Completely off topic, no matter how savory you think your point is.

    Agent_C, Jan 30, 2005
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