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    Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC), a global, integrated media
    company, has named Mediacore Softswitch by Speedflow winner of the 2010
    INTERNET TELEPHONY TMC Labs Innovation Award.

    “Choosing the most innovative products and services is always
    challenging,†– TMC officials say, – “but TMC Labs carefully
    scrutinized each applicant and came up with the 15 most innovative
    companies. TMC Labs proudly bestows each of these 15 companies with a TMC
    Labs Innovation Award.â€

    "Winners have proven their product or service is truly innovative in the
    IP Communications industry," said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. "The TMC Labs
    team takes careful consideration of each application to ensure only the
    best of the best make this very elite list of Innovation Award winners."

    The Mediacore Softswitch received a 2010 TMC Labs Innovation award in
    honor of the innovations, unique features, and significant contributions
    toward improving communications technology.

    Award winners for the 2010 TMC Labs Innovation Award are highlighted in
    the July and August 2010 issues of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

    About TMC Labs Innovation Awards.
    The TMC Labs Innovation Awards were implemented to honor products that
    help to carve a new market niche or start a trend. These awards are
    bestowed on products that are set apart from their competitors due to one
    or more unique features.

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