speed of reception and other matters

Discussion in 'Computer Support' started by Michael Sutton, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. delighted to find I can get assistance
    While in NZ my computer there was too slow and the phone line kept on
    meaning the computer had to connect up again. This was adjusted so I kept on
    the phone line (and thus connected) permamently until I switched off. Can I
    do this in UK.
    I am terribly ancient and do NOT understand instructions unless spelt out in
    basic english.
    Thanks for the help
    MIke Sutton (aged 80 next year!!)
    Michael Sutton, Jun 11, 2006
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  2. Michael Sutton

    Whiskers Guest

    Welcome to the UK, Mike :)) This is an international public newsgroup,
    and the help available isn't restricted to computer-type things, so if you
    have a specific computer question it helps to give as much information
    about it as possible so that thoes inclined to respond have something
    useful to start with. It is not a service provided by or restricted to
    your, or any, ISP.

    Is your internet connection a dial-up using a modem connected to a basic
    telephone line, or is it a 'broadband' connection using NTL's 'cable'?

    Bear in mind that if you are using Virgin.net's dial-up service, you have
    to pay 'from 1p per minute' (up to almost 4p per minute, or even more,
    depending on your telephone company's charges) while you are connected to
    the internet. This can rapidly get expensive, as well as keeping your
    telephone line busy.

    In case you are confused about my mention of both Virgin and NTL,
    Virgin.net are owned by NTL and use the same 'infrastructure' etc.

    I am not a customer of either Virgin.net or NTL, nor am I employed by them
    or by any internet-related company. That goes for almost all of the
    people who post here :))

    I shall be 56 next birthday. Of course, you have to take that on trust,
    for what that is worth, just like anything else you might read in a
    Whiskers, Jun 11, 2006
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