Speed at which my posts appear to Usenet Groups Via Google

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by ChrisCoaster, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. ChrisCoaster

    ChrisCoaster Guest

    Can vary from 5sec > 5hours! The group I'm posting to doesn't seem
    to matter.

    Is this my fault, GoogleGroups' fault, or some combination?

    As indicated in my YouTube problems thread, both my speed and quality
    of connection are about as good as they will get in my area.

    ChrisCoaster, Jul 12, 2011
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  2. Yes, it's the fault of the newsserver. My posts appear in well under 5
    seconds most of the time.
    Jeff Strickland, Jul 12, 2011
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  3. ChrisCoaster

    Paul Guest

    I don't have anything to add, on your Flash problem. You've tried
    the hardware acceleration thing.

    I might open Task Manager, and see what is active while the movie
    is attempting to play. See if that gives any hints.

    Would some AV product, scanning the downloaded information, be
    reducing performance ?


    There were some problems with Google Groups recently, where posts
    weren't showing up. I've noted at least one user, sending "Test"
    posts, and that sorta hints at the same thing. I don't know what
    Google is up to, whether they're about to change some software
    or whatever.

    You can use aioe.org or eternal-september.org free news servers
    for posting. AIOE requires no username and password, and has limited
    text postings per day. For E-S, you sign up, select "Always
    request authentication" in your news client, and then thousands
    of news groups should show up in the news client.

    For a news client, you can use Thunderbird. It does both email and
    USENET news, and you can just use it for USENET news without bother
    with the email side (don't bother "importing" email into it when
    it starts up).

    I continue to use an older version of this, and can't tell you
    how buggy the new version is.


    It's at version 5, while I'm still using version 2.


    I'm using E-S to post this right now.

    Paul, Jul 12, 2011
  4. I like the suggestion to use a text-based email client to post to
    newsgroups. Personally, I'd also suggest using it to collect and send email,
    but that's just me I suppose.

    I hate to post behind (reply to) posts from googlegroups because something
    happens to the attribution characters along the left margin, and it is
    difficult to attribute the various participant's contribution(s).

    I use OE, which is a difficult product to recommend. I use it because it's

    I was not impressed with Thunderbird enough to migrate away from OE, but I'm
    sure that TBird is a far better experience that web-based posting such as
    what one will have on GoggleGroups. I goof around on some web-based forums,
    and I find the presentation of the discussions to be tedious, and some are
    outright crappy. Fortunately, the topic is interresting enough to keep me
    there, and there are some that I stopped doing because the presentation was
    so bad that I lost interest in the topic.

    Paul's suggestion to use ThunderBird is a good one. I would also add that
    setting it up to pull your email down is worth the effort. If you are using
    web-based email, then your messages are stored on The Cloud, but with
    Thunderbird, you can have those message stored locally (which is something
    that is attractive to me). I am utterly and totally opposed to cloud
    computing, but that's the way the Web is going. Well, computing is going
    that way...

    Since OE no longer ships with any Windows product, then it makes sense to
    use ThunderBird for all email and news group activities. I have not
    experienced the joy of using Windows Live Mail, but I understand it to be a
    Cloud experience that I have a fundamental dislike of.
    Jeff Strickland, Jul 12, 2011
  5. Paul embroidered on the monitor :
    As Paul states, according to some users on my other newsgroups, Google
    groups have been having some problems recently, so it's probably not
    you as far as this particular issue.

    I've got Thunderbird 5 running. I have to say it was a pain in the *
    to set up my eternal-september newsgroups even following the
    eternal-september FAQ page instructions. Kept having conflicts, but it
    eventually took. I followed the same steps every time, so I'm not sure
    what was different. Just quirky?

    I'm still using MesNews as my primary newsgroup reader. Lots of
    features and VERY easy to use. If you're interested:

    -There are some who call me...

    "Distrust any enterprise that requires new clothes."
    - Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)
    James D Andrews, Jul 12, 2011
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