Spec'ing routers: 1721 vs 831

Discussion in 'Cisco' started by Liz Eriksen, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. Liz Eriksen

    Liz Eriksen Guest


    I am trying to determine which routers to purchase for a small branch
    office deployment. Any suggestions very welcome.

    Basically, we have a central office with no more than 50 employees. We then
    will have four branch offices with no more than 20 employees each. We want
    to connect evertying over a VPN. The connections to the Internet would vary
    (DSL, ISDN, and T1) but would terminate on separate devices so that the
    Cisco router would only need Ethernet interfaces.

    Will 831s work for this? Does a 1721 add anything to the mix?

    Does anything change if the number of employees bumps up to 100 at central
    and the number of sites goes to 10?

    Finally, what if we also want to terminate roaming laptop client VPN
    connections as well?

    Liz Eriksen, Sep 1, 2005
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  2. Liz Eriksen

    stephen Guest

    it isnt so much the employee numbers as the WAN link speeds, traffic levels
    and the number of connections to other sites that dictate the router.

    The connections to the Internet would vary
    i prefer to have an interface in the router - esp. with interfaces that the
    router may need to control like ISDN (where a mistake can generate lots of
    calls and call charges).

    generally, the routers you suggest are still available, but are old models
    and likely to get phased out soon. use the newer ISR range - they have built
    in encryption hardware.

    87x are the small ones (equiv to the 831, but faster).

    if you want higher throughput then the 1801 has ADSL and 2 ethernets, but
    there are others in the 180x range that may be better - note that you get
    extra interfaces such as ADSL, but the box is cheaper than a more flexible
    unit with only ethernet ports

    assuming that the traffic pattern is star based, (unless you are planning to
    use IP telephony between branches) then you need a bigger box at the central

    you need to pick the software options that give you support for the
    encryption, firewalling etc you need - and since this can be 30% or more of
    the cost you need to get it right.
    831s may be enough for the small sites, but i would use 871.

    1811 or 1812 or something bigger will be needed for the central site. the
    box depends on the bandwidth
    you can do this on a router, but i prefer the VPN servers, since they are
    easier to use with VPN clients, and minimising the client issues is what
    makes a VPN less difficult.
    stephen, Sep 1, 2005
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  3. www.BradReese.Com, Sep 1, 2005
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