Spammers using Bayesian Filtering

Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Evil Bastard, Aug 26, 2003.

  1. Evil Bastard

    Evil Bastard Guest

    In the latest wave of spam, I'm now seeing a lot of messages getting
    through the Bayesian filters.

    From which I can only conclude that the spammers have gotten wise, and are
    now vetting their messages with Bayesian filters before sending them.

    If this trend continues, then even the best-trained Bayesian filters will
    start getting false positive and false negative rates approaching 50%.

    As much as I hate to say it, it might soon be time to go to full
    challenge/response (C/R) email filtering (aka 'whitelist').

    Ah, but then the spammers will write code to parse the challenge and

    Then, the C/R systems will start sending images with letters/numbers on
    them, intended to be easily read by humans but hard for software to read.

    Then, the spammers will start using neural net code to read the graphics.

    Phew, is this ever gonna end?
    Evil Bastard, Aug 26, 2003
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  2. Evil Bastard

    Evil Bastard Guest

    Makes me wonder what the state of play is in textured monitors, whereby
    pixels are represented by raised pints on a surface that can be felt.
    Or something similarly heavy. For instance, anyone in Europe with
    wholesale contacts sending them small parcels with ecstasy pills, or
    kiddie porn magazines etc. Or, some h4x0r to root their boxen and surf
    some child pr0n sites/newsgroups.

    I can gleefully imagine a spammer in jail, being done over by cellmates,
    who say, "Get me some penis enlargement pills, bitch!"
    Evil Bastard, Aug 26, 2003
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  3. Evil Bastard

    Peter KERR Guest

    The kindly mail gnomes at our place have installed a new filter which
    parses all headers and content of everything coming in. Builds a score
    for each msg based on the number of "bad" points found, then at the
    threshold level tags the subject line with ***SPAM*** and adds a subject
    line with its scorecard. It all gets passed thru to the user 'cos some
    of our ppl need to get spam...

    Here's a couple of recent:

    X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=6.9 tagged_above=1.0 required=6.3

    X-Spam-Status: Yes, hits=7.5 tagged_above=1.0 required=6.3
    Peter KERR, Aug 27, 2003
  4. Evil Bastard

    T.N.O. Guest

    Welcome to Spam Assissign, aint it great.
    T.N.O., Aug 27, 2003
  5. Evil Bastard

    Hugh Lilly Guest

    That would be SpamAssassin.
    It's easy enough to filter everything that has *****SPAM***** in the
    subject; even M$OE can do that...


    Hugh Lilly, Aug 27, 2003
  6. Evil Bastard

    Who is this Guest

    Yes but unfortunately with IPv6 just around the corner there are
    suddenly millions of IP addresses that can be forged and used.
    Who is this, Aug 27, 2003
  7. Evil Bastard

    Robyn Nunn Guest

    The problem is, once the spammers have your email address - how do you
    fix the problem without changing your email?

    I've started replying to the removal notices despite what is the
    common consensus not to. I get so much spam, what do I have to lose?
    Robyn Nunn, Aug 27, 2003
  8. Evil Bastard

    Peter Murray Guest

    Or when spammers realise that their method of marketing does not work.
    Surely nobody buys stuff from spammers do they?
    Peter Murray, Aug 27, 2003
  9. When that happens, the screams from the other users are usually the only
    thing which will encourage the ISP to actually do somehting about the
    Uncle StoatWarbler, Aug 27, 2003
  10. "Then, the C/R systems will start sending images with letters/numbers
    them, intended to be easily read by humans but hard for software to

    Then, the spammers will start using neural net code to read the

    Both of these have already happened, at least for authenticating
    humans for obtaining system accounts (as on SlashDot and Yahoo). See,
    for instance:

    -Will Dwinnell
    Will Dwinnell, Aug 28, 2003
  11. Evil Bastard

    Evil Bastard Guest

    What a fascinating study. Thanks for that! :)
    Evil Bastard, Aug 28, 2003
  12. Evil Bastard

    Jay Guest

    You change you email. And next time you are more careful.
    Change your email. Unless you enjoy bashing your head against a brick
    Jay, Aug 28, 2003
  13. Evil Bastard

    R-Slicks Guest

    I very much doubt IPv6 will be with us any time soon. It first
    conceived some 7-8 years ago (or something like that). Changing the
    world to a new addressing scheme simply isn't going to happen for a
    looong time.
    R-Slicks, Aug 29, 2003
  14. Evil Bastard

    R-Slicks Guest

    Who on earth are these people !! :)
    I don't know of anyone that has, or anyone that knows anyone that has.
    WHO ARE THEY ?????!!!!
    <mind boggles>
    R-Slicks, Aug 29, 2003
  15. Evil Bastard

    Peter Murray Guest

    Could someone please tell the spammers who these people are, then they could
    leave the rest of us alone.
    Peter Murray, Aug 29, 2003
  16. Evil Bastard

    T.N.O. Guest

    Take a knife, and slice through the lump... the swelling will not occur.
    T.N.O., Sep 1, 2003
  17. Evil Bastard

    T.N.O. Guest

    Good for you.
    you know I read it on the internet, so it must be true.
    Money does not equal intelligence, there are a hell of a lot of dumb arsed
    rich people, world wide.
    That doesnt make them smarter either... just better at doing stuff.
    more people choose to live in the USA than Australia, surely your not going
    to say that they are smarter than you.
    Thats an immigration policy set by our govt.
    uh huh
    T.N.O., Sep 1, 2003
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