Spam "Adriana 21" how do I stop it?

Discussion in 'Computer Information' started by oldbuzz, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. oldbuzz

    oldbuzz Guest

    How can I stop adriana21 spam?

    This spam email "adriana21" or various versions of name continue to flow relentlessly into my email inboxes or spam boxes in Hotmail and Yahoo several times a day. I have used yahoo mail filters or what is available in yahoomail and Hotmail to no success.

    None of their aids in stopping spam works.

    These spammers always find a way to continue flooding email boxes with unsolicited mail

    I am sure I am not alone with this problem.

    Old buzz
    oldbuzz, Aug 5, 2013
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  2. oldbuzz

    Paul Guest

    As long as the spammers know how the filters work,
    they'll get through. Using a botnet, gives them
    plenty of domains to source email from. As long as
    new machines are added to botnets daily, they can be
    used for emailing. And botnet design is improving,
    making the botnets harder and harder to take down.


    Just for fun, post the spam messages into this site.
    It's supposed to point out, what items in the message
    would have caused spam detection. Basically, this
    runs a copy of SpamAssassin against the email.


    By clicking the "spam" button on your own web email client,
    you can help train any filter Hotmail or Yahoo may be using.
    So user input will help a little bit. But things like Bayesian
    filtering can be busted by the usage of word salads -
    adding to the training may not help that much. If you've
    never reported any spam with a button like that, then
    you might eventually see an improvement, with enough
    training clicks.

    Whitelisting is another way to battle spam, but
    that isn't very flexible and requires you to manage
    the whitelist. There are also challenge-response methods,
    but again, you can easily dissuade people from sending
    you important messages with that kind of thing. There
    are better techniques, but, like medicine, they're
    unpleasant tasting.

    Paul, Aug 5, 2013
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  3. oldbuzz

    Robert Baer Guest

    One thing that can help a LOT is to have the e-mail provider
    "greylist" everything.
    Unfortunately, most providers refuse to make any improvements-
    especially if _they_ did not think of it.
    And they could care less how much that simple procedure can "improve
    the user experience".
    There is at least one provider that (a year or so ago) changed their
    filtering system "to improve", but wound up making things more than an
    order of magnitude worse; Nigerian moneyscams flowed thru like water and
    almost nothing cold stop them.
    They refused to go back; i was forced to tell them to copy all e-mail
    to a gmail account and delete everything on their server.
    I notice that there are two e-mail providers that display virtually
    zero spam in their i folder; one is Gmail and the other is a small
    mo-and-pop group that uses Maia Mailguard.
    SOME items that a good e-mail filter program should have ad use:
    *Whitelisted Items are mail items received from senders on your
    whitelist. These items are not spam-checked, so they will always be
    delivered to your mailbox.

    *Blacklisted Items are mail items received from senders on your
    blacklist. These items are not spam-checked, so they will be discarded,
    and never delivered to your mailbox.

    *Viruses/Malware are mail items that contain identified
    "malware"--viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and so on. Maia quarantines
    these items for you, just in case you should want to force one of these
    items to be delivered to your mailbox for some reason.

    *Banned Attachments are "suspected malware". Maia tries to be proactive
    by blocking attachments of certain types, typically executable files,
    which have been known to disguise viruses and other forms of malware.
    While no specific malware was identified at the scanning stage, these
    file types are quarantined as a precaution. You can rescue these items
    from your [Quarantine] area if you wish.

    *Invalid Mail Headers are items with "broken" mail headers--mail that
    does not comply with Internet standards regarding electronic mail. This
    happens when spammers use certain non-standard mail programs designed
    specifically to send out bulk mail. These poorly-written programs
    generate invalid mail headers, and while most mail servers are lenient
    about allowing this mail to be delivered, Maia considers this a
    suspicious symptom and quarantines such mail. As always, you can rescue
    such items from your [Quarantine] area if you wish.

    Maia Mailguard was written by Robert LeBlanc & David Morton, as a
    web-based mail filtering system based on the AMaViS Mail Virus Scanner
    (amavisd-new) and SpamAssassin.
    Robert Baer, Aug 6, 2013
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