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Discussion in 'Cisco' started by J, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. J

    J Guest

    I'm in need of a good source for rack screws and other misc hardware.
    I've Googled for numerous search strings and have practically come up
    empty-handed. I need 10-24 and 10-32 rack screws that are 3/4" in
    length. I also need self-centering screws. Self-tapping, a
    combination of self-tapping and self-centering, or plain threaded
    screws will not work. Self-tapping variants screw up rack threads
    something awful (especially when dealing with people who don't
    understand how to start screws straight). Simple threaded screws work
    but are hard to start straight for most people. Self-centering screws
    are the best to use. Does anyone have any sources?

    J, Aug 1, 2006
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  2. J

    thrill5 Guest

    Try Home Depot, Lowes, or your local hardware store, they will have much of
    what you need.

    The problem is not the screws you are using, but the rack itself. Most
    inexpensive racks use aluminum or steal that is tapped directly for the
    screws. Once the threads are damaged, you are pretty much screwed, or not
    screwed depending on how you look at it. The better racks use square
    notches in which special nuts that clip into the square notches. With this
    type of rack, if you strip the nut, you replace it with another one.

    thrill5, Aug 2, 2006
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  3. J

    J Guest

    Thanks for the input. However I absolutely can not stand the
    square-holed racks and their crazy cage nuts. Talk about a PITA. IMHO
    the large square holes in the rails greatly diminish the strength of
    the rails in general. When you're mounting a couple hundred pound
    piece of equipment (and we all know that weight almost always directly
    relates to expense) the last thing you want are weak rails. I think
    there's probably other good reasons why you don't see telcos using
    these racks either. None of our 9' racks use square holes. I can
    however see the point in them, especially since I have coworkers with
    cordless drills that don't understand how to properly use a clutch.
    These same people don't know the difference between 10-24 and 10-32
    either as is demonstrated by the rails I've had to tap out to 12-24.
    However I've never had any good experiences with square-holed rails.

    Lowes, Home Depot, Atwoods, and Orscheln's are good places for nuts and
    bolts but none of them stock the right hardware. We need to find a
    source of actual rack screws.

    Anyone else have a source for rack screws? Philips, truss head, 10-24
    and 10-32, 3/4", self-centering (also known as dogpoint) NON-tapping
    rack screws.

    J, Aug 2, 2006
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    If it is only screws you want, eBay is my favorite choice. When ordering
    racks/rack parts and screws the best place in all my experience is:

    Information Support Concepts

    I have some of the Slim-5 racks here and they're tough and cheap:

    Really fast shipping too.

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    Randal T. Rioux, Aug 2, 2006
  5. J

    J Guest

    Thanks for the pointer, Randal. I hadn't considered eBay but that
    makes sense. I've bought all sort of weird stuff off of there before.
    The screw I'm looking for is actually written about here:

    That's right. A whole page dedicated to a screw. :) I think I may
    have found another source too if eBay doesn't pan out. Thanks again
    for everyone's suggestions.

    J, Aug 3, 2006
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