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Discussion in 'NZ Computing' started by Shane, Jul 11, 2007.

  1. Shane

    Shane Guest
    Sony executives in Japan may have denied on July 6 that the PlayStation 3
    videogame console's price would be slashed by $100, but everyone else knew
    better: Sony's hands were tied.

    On Monday, the company said the price of the 60-gigabyte version of its
    system would be reduced to $499, finally putting it in competition with
    Microsoft's (nasdaq: MSFT - news - people ) Xbox 360.

    A 17% price cut on the overpriced console was necessary, but will hurt an
    already bleeding Sony (nyse: SNE - news - people ). On March 31, the
    company said its gaming business lost nearly $2 billion in revenue, and saw
    earnings drop 68%. By lowering the price of the PS3, combined with some
    gamers rejecting potentially defective Xbox 360s, Sony might begin selling
    more units (it sold only 665,000 from January to May, compared with
    Nintendo's (other-otc: NTDOY - news - people ) 1.73 million Wiis) but is
    still unlikely to make much money on each unit sold.


    Im still on the fence. I want a wii, the kids want a 360, and I saw a PS3
    demo on campus yesterday (ooo neat)
    Shane, Jul 11, 2007
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  2. Shane

    E. Scrooge Guest

    The XBox 360 was well designed to fail and make sure that it would never
    make any profits.
    Over a Billion is going to used to try to fix all the failed XBox 360s.

    It was never going to match the more reliable and well proven game consoles
    from Sony.

    And the next XBox will be even harder to sell thanks to the huge reliability
    problems of the 360. The 360 was rushed out to beat the PS3 onto the

    E. Scrooge
    E. Scrooge, Jul 11, 2007
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